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  1. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison

    Dexterosa, I don't know about you, but I think it's best to leave well enough alone. WE GET IT ALREADY! Before I stop entertaining these comments any longer, we didn't attend a class that programmed each of us to talk about how nice of an experience we have had at Chamberlain. That's just silly of you to even insinuate such a thing. There's nothing "funny" (as you stated) that people have nice things to say about the school...it should let you know that there are REAL people here with REAL feedback about their time at this school. Since it is an anonymous forum, I have NO issue in talking about negative issues either. We all make informed choices about the small and big decisions we face in life and that includes our choices in education. Not everything needs to be a battle or war of words as it appears you have taken some of our comments. In reality, I'm glad you found a school that better met your needs (it's a competitive world out there). As much as it may pain you, we may infact work together one day as RN's and neither of us would never know it (GASP!). Regardless of where you attend nursing school (as long as it's accredited)...it's those who work hard and give due diligence to their studies who evenutally sit for the NCLEX and pass (fingers crossed of course). Being a Chamberlain student doesn't make me or other students of this school any less of a student or person than you. And that's the bottom line. Nonetheless, I wish you all the best! :)
  2. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison

    Dexterosa.... I don't even know where to begin with you. I get it, you had a bad experience in trying to get information during the application process. That's really a shame too. What I don't get is where you get off attempting to literally BASH a program you know nothing about (outside the experience you had during that same application process). You are not a current student, or even a former one, so quite honestly you have no first hand knowledge of what it's truly like to be a student there. Credibility starts with the facts. You say that other students and other schools have "beat" Chamberlain NCLEX results. Truth of the matter is that according to the most current data supplied by the State of Illinois, Chamberlain's 2010 NCLEX pass rates are in the TOP 5 among over 30 accredited BSN programs in the state (and if you look further down the list to the ADN programs, they also quite literally beat the pants off all of those schools except for 2). If you want to see for yourself, here's the website: http://http://nursing.illinois.gov/PDF/IlApNursingEdProgPassRates01292010.PDF It's true that Chamberlain is very new to the area and not easily recognized right now to lots of people. I'm not surprised that your coworkers haven't exactly heard of or remembered the name. However, they are indeed making a great name for themselves in the various professional circles out there in hospitals and other clinical sites they've been associated with. Other students have already talked about the accolades the school has received in the short 3 years the school has been in existence, so I have no need to bring that up again either. Finally, the school is not for everyone. I agree that the cost is not for everybody, but quite honestly the cost is relatively in the same ballpark as many other BSN programs in the Chicagoland area. Chamberlain does have standards and do actually deny applicants every semester. I know of a few myself. They offer a really challenging but satisfying program, and by no means are those qualities of the "nursing degree mills" you refer to. I'd be more concerned with the LPN and ADN programs in our immediate area who charge astronomical tuition for a LPN degree/certification. As with any college/university, there are teachers I've clicked with and others I haven't but I've never felt cheated or disappointed in the quality of their teachings. The school also offers awesome opportunities for extra support (academically, professionally, and personally) if you need it at no additional cost to the student. In all honesty, I highly recommend Chamberlain to friends and acquaintances despite the price tag. It's too bad that things didn't work out between you and Chamberlain. I don't blame you for getting upset. Had there been a better relationship from the beginning, I do think you'd be pleased with the school. But to keep going on about speculations and opinions you've formed about the program itself solely based on your experience in the application process without having experienced the school first-hand is irresponsible and unfair to those looking to this thread for information on what the environmental and educational experience is like. Or basing it on - that your hospital coworkers have never heard of Chamberlain, your assumption that its NCLEX pass rates are sub-par compared to others, or whatever merit-less attacks you have put down because it sounds good. Honestly, it just comes off as sour grapes on your part. For what it's worth, the front desk people are actually really nice! Peace and Harmony!:)
  3. LilSurferGirl

    This is part of the problem

    I just saw that same ad on a very popular social networking site and literally LOL'd! Then I got a bit mad and offended b/c I'm spending the next 30 months (2 1/2 years) of my life in nursing school just to earn my BSN. Just another example of marketing at it's "finest". Sure it sounds fine and fancy when a watch is called a "timepiece" or eyeglasses are called "eyewear". However, the terms "MA" and "nurse" aren't even synonymous! It's an enormous stretch to even suggest it.
  4. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison

    i'm only familiar with chamberlain's addison campus, and can't speak for the ohio location. for better info, you might want to check the threads for ohio. however, some of your questions are applicable regardless of campus locale. good luck though! "I CAN NOT REMEMBER MY GPA FROM HIGH SCHOOL: 1 HOW CAN FIND THAT OUT?" contact your high school for a copy of your transcript, or ask your college's registration office if they can give you access to your high school transcript "WHERE DOES THE GPA REQUIREMENTS COME FROM IF U HAVE REALLY HAVE NO COLLEGE?" my guess is the gpa requirement will likely fall to your high school gpa, but to get a definite answer speak to a chamberlain admission advisor "IT STILL SAYS ON WEBSITE ACCEPTING APP FOR OCT HOW LONG DID TAKE BEFORE YOU FIND OUT?" i'm not sure if they're still accepting apps for october, but it's possible. i only say that b/c lots of new student stuff is being scheduled for new students starting the week of sept. 7 (enrollment finalization, drug/background checks, registration, etc) and throughout sept and october. i applied the last week of july and found out first week of august...so thankfully the wait wasn't too long. i hate being so nervous i can't sleep! "I AM A MOTHER OF 6 SO I KNOW I WILL GET FIN AIDE, BUT WHAT OTHER AIDE DID ANYONE RECIEVE?" the financial aid package offered to me kinda sucked, but it was expected. as for any school, you really should apply for financial aid as soon as possible (even if you haven't officially applied or are awaiting word). it's a pretty quick process once you electronically send in your info. chamberlain has scholarship opportunities, etc. hope this helps.
  5. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College...For Profit or Not?

    absolutely! it's not a cheap school, that's for sure. i totally understand your apprehension. have you talked to any current or former students on this forum?
  6. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    hi smilesss. according to my advisor, there's no need to have either act or sat scores sent in unless the score would strengthen your application. so if you scored really well, then yes you should send it in. if your score meets or slightly exceeds chamberlain's minimum requirement, there's no need.
  7. LilSurferGirl

    HESI A2 exam... Please help!

    I used the study guide by Evolve. It was definitely helpful for math, reading, grammar, and vocabulary, These sections were a breeze! Review the info and do the practice tests in the back. On the other hand, IMHO, the guide proved to be 75% useless for biology, a&p, chemistry (no physics test required by my school). While it gives some good info, the guide isn't as comprehensive as I wish it would be. Pay special attention to the "study hints" they provide. If you're looking to really prepare yourself...use those hints and refer to old textbooks and notes. 5 days of studying and I did really well. Good luck everyone!
  8. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College...For Profit or Not?

    Hi Maladroit, All Chamberlain campuses operate as for-profit schools. I'm also starting in October at the Addison campus and am super-excited. The fact that it's a for-profit school did not necessarily bother me, but I can understand your hesitation. What was super-important to me was that Chamberlain in Addison be accredited. In fact, they're fully accredited by CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). I would have never even considered Chamberlain unless they were were recognized by either CCNE or NLN. Best of luck on your decision!
  9. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison

    Thank you, LisaWantsBSN! :)
  10. LilSurferGirl

    Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison

    Got the call last week that I was accepted into the program starting in October. Just have to finalize my enrollment and we're all good to go. Can't wait to start! October couldn't come sooner!