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  1. un2012

    Failed the NCLEX twice:(

    Have you thought about Hurst review. Its $350, you can do live or online, depending on where you live. I was weak in content area, so I took Hurst Review,and when I was confident in content, I started doing alot of questions using multiple sources: lecharity book, vipra med, kaplan book, saunders CD question. If you cant afford Hurst review, I would recommend lecharity book, its great for studying questions, and just doing alots of questions, and reading rationales. Dont give up, you will pass this test, just work hard, and im sure it will pay off.
  2. Hi, I was reading few posts, and some one mentioned that air force has stopped accepting new grad nurses. Is it true? I have a BSN, and was considering Air Force Nursing.
  3. un2012

    Could I have failed the RN NCLEX?

    My nclex exam stopped between 135 to 140 questions,and I Passed. Dont worry about the number of questions it stopped on. You can pass or fail at any number between 75 and 265. Its hard waiting for results, but try to stay busy with other stuff and take your mind of the exam for a while. When your ready, check the PVT. I wish you luck.
  4. un2012

    Just took the NCLEX

    You passed.
  5. Hi, I was wondering you can share your COT and NTP experience. Is it really tough to pass these two. I just passed my boards, and have started the paperwork for Air force. I would really appreciate your thoughts on these two. I am also starting to prepare for the physical portion of it, and would like to know if there are exams that we have to pass in COT, and NTP to graduate. Thank you for your advise.
  6. hi, I am new BSN graduate of may 2010, and have started the paperwork for air force nursing. Are there others who graduated in may of 2010 considering to join airforece??? I live near sacramento california, and would like to meet others who are completing their paperwork, or considering air force. It would be nice support for each other....