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  1. NCLEX_anxiety702

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    yes, that is the good pop up. if you go through the whole "re-registration" process and it won't allow you to purchase it with your credit card and you get that pop-up, you passed!!! Hang in there! I know all about the anxiety r/t waiting!!! I went insane! Does your state participate in the "quick view" option? mine does, and that's how I found out today.. paid the $8 and cried tears of joy.. in my jammies at 6am!! :) And I did try to look on the state board of nursing's website to see if i've been issued a license yet.. to avoid the fee.. and it says PENDING.. but trust me.. the $8 is WELL WORTH ending the mind-boggling anticipation!!! good luck to you.. and if for some ridiculous reason you didn't pass, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! I failed the NCLEX the first time, and i got so down on myself, that I didn't take it again for a year and a half!!! HANG IN THERE.. believe in yourself ALWAYS, and never give up!!!! :) xoxo Nurse Anxiety:nurse:
  2. NCLEX_anxiety702

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Well, I got my results today.. and the PVT works!!! I passed and am officially a nurse!!! Good luck to all of you!!!
  3. NCLEX_anxiety702

    THE POP-up was......

    Good luck to you too, Amaya! I took it yesterday, Aug.31st...and I also got the good pop-up :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! :) I think I can pay for the quick results tomorrow! I'm nervous but I would rather know than keep waiting!
  4. NCLEX_anxiety702

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Hello everyone. I am super anxious as I await my test results. I took the NCLEX-PN in California a year and a half ago.. failed it.. gave up for a while.. and re-took it in Las Vegas today. I was feeling super confident and the computer shut off after an hour and fifteen mins!! I had stopped looking at the number of questions I was getting...so I couldn't tell you- but I was in total shock when it shut off. I really thought maybe they were having technical difficulties!! I took the survey and walked out.. with tears streaming down my face!!! It kept asking me over and over again about Alzheimer's, electroconvulsive therapy, and thyroid meds!! I didn't really study those subjects super well, but they kept giving me harder and harder questions regarding those topics!! Anyway, I had already decided that I failed, and started making plans to re-take it and get some tutoring this time. I had already gone through the learningext.com's program TWICE, and have been drowning myself with reading the Saunders NCLEX book.. until I got home and looked up the "Pearson Vue Nclex trick"... I tried to re-register, and got the good pop-up window. After thinking about it, it makes sense that this would work. My questions is: is it too soon to do this? It hasn't even been 24hrs yet... My second question is: is it becoming more common to shut off early? I've been reading a lot of posts here, and it seems that I either did really well or did really really poorly. Will someone please give me a straight answer/opinion? I appreciate positive thinking...but I'm having severe anxiety and really want someone to be honest with me!!