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  1. 360jRN

    ER deaths

    Longest code I've ever worked was on a ER nurse I worked with. The only report we got from EMS was they were coming in with a female code, so when the ambulance backed up to our bay the doors flung open and the paramedic just hollered "It's ____!!". Got her in the trauma room and started working her. Shocked her I don't know how many times. Multiple high doses of epi. Used all the bicarb we had in two carts, back up box, and our pyxis. Everything in this ER we threw at her trying to get her back. Not to mention ending up with ICU nurses, our cardiologist, and then the nephrologist - she had worked with before - at the bedside. Towards the latter part of the code it started sinking in that we weren't going to be able to get her back. I finished my round of compressions, stepped back and took my gloves off and walked out of the room. They worked her for 15 more minutes or so and then called it. Two hours we worked on her, without ever getting any hint of a pulse or any type of organized rhythm. I had only worked with her for about 6 months since I started my contract there but to me and the other ones working that night it was family. Like Pixie said there's nothing like losing one of your own.
  2. 360jRN

    Please tell me about these CA facilities

    Did you notice if Mills had many PRN workers? I've been thinking of finding a staff PRN position out there rather than doing agency or contract. I've talked with a few people doing just that around the San Jose area.
  3. 360jRN

    Travel Nursing in TX

    I worked with Liquid Agents out of Plano for 3 assignments and only had good experiences.
  4. 360jRN


    Sounds like how codes on day shift at my facility are run. They actually page them over head and that brings down every nosey Nancy "to help". When you've got scrub techs and your CEO in the corner of the room - somethings wrong. And that's just one more reason I work nights
  5. 360jRN

    Rural ED nursing - a 180 turn

    Yes... You would be setting yourself up for failure. Just like there are surgeons that I'm sure you worked with and cringed when you saw you had a case with them - there are plenty of ER physicians that fall into the same category. And that's not even referring to personality, ego, etc. I have worked with physicians that would have to essentially be carried through a critical patient or emergent situation. And I've seen experienced ER nurses that work with such physicians and receive a questionable order, hell that's putting it nicely, and will go to carry it out until another nurse says something to them or the physician. My mind is just racing thinking about this scenario and I can't get my thoughts completely formulated. Lol! To keep from just rambling I'll just say, go work in a rural ER. But work in one where you're part of a team with experienced ER nurses; that's how we learn what to do and most definitely what not to do. Best of luck!
  6. 360jRN

    Er burn out? Stressed out?

    Be thankful for the easy ones. One, it's easy charting - and I hate charting lol. Two, it's easy money - and I love money lol. Three, they're usually in and out - and like you I love moving the meat. Plus, I'd rather have a train wreck and 2 or 3 cupcakes rather than 3 chest pains or women with abdominal pain. About 7 months ago I reached the point where I hated coming to work. Everything irritated me and if you weren't sick I was mad you were here. I was tired of working short handed and tired of coming into the same mess day in and day out. I went back to travel nursing and bam I felt energized again. Wasn't in a bad mood all the time, stress was gone for the most part, I was joking with patients again... I was my normal self. Sometimes a change of scenery will help is the moral of the story I guess. But whatever goes down I wish you the best of luck!
  7. 360jRN

    Dallas- Ebola

    I never said that they were bringing in extra staff for Ebola itself. I was referencing the increased volume that surrounding facilities will see due to: 1) the hospital being on divert 2) public fear and being less likely to present at Presbyterian's ED. Apparently you think that we only have to worry about the Ebola virus itself and havent considered the ripple effects that these two cases can cause and have caused. I have full confidence in the facilities that will be treating those who are infected and I will have the staff members that are charged with providing that care in my thoughts and prayers, as I'm sure we all do.
  8. 360jRN

    Dallas- Ebola

    Yeah because the last time I saw 2000/week was for a strike. And... seeing how Presbyterian is on diversion, surrounding ERs just might be trying to bulk up ahead of the storm. So I guess you could say it's not directly related to Ebola, but to say its not related to what's going on with Ebola in Dallas is blatantly false.
  9. 360jRN

    Dallas- Ebola

    Got an email tonight about "Several facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area having urgent needs: Specialty ER Days or Nights 2 week contracts (Rapid Response Contracts) Pay... 2220.00 weekly" Of course I extended my current contract through November but you can bet December 1 if they're still needing help, I'll be willing to talk money with them. Of course in that time the virus might mutate and the entire DFW area over run in zombies...
  10. 360jRN

    Emergency room RN minimums in Texas

    Is browsing allnurses considered wasting time?
  11. 360jRN

    Compensation in Texas

    My current assignment is in a little east Tx ER and my last assignment was south of Houston in Lake Jackson and I have had a great experience in both places. You always hear horror stories of how badly someone was treated at this facility or that facility and how the doctors are jerks here and blah blah. For the most part its all about you: what kind of personality you have, what kind of worker are you, and what kind of mindset you go into a place with. Next consider the source of these tales... If you consider yourself comparable to the traveler telling you about their time at a facility then maybe take hold of what theyre saying. But if its the crotchety bastard that cant get along with himself much less anyone else that cant do any work because he's too busy telling you what he's done and how he wrote the book on it or trying to critique how this facility does this and that etc etc; then think to yourself - well that guys not me so my experience might not be like his. You know as a traveler I'm not hired to come in and tell these people what all wrong they're doing or change the world - I'm here to take care of the patient within my scope and safest practice. And that's a big turn off to have somebody from the outside come in and try and shove their unrequested opinion down your throat. Hell i'm rambling lol. Moral of the story: Best of luck!! Don't be afraid of Texas and make your own opinion. Also, if that 1800 is bring home and for 36 hours of work I want to talk to that recruiter because that's the best Ive heard in Texas... well period for that matter. Edit: Bring home was 1380ish south of Houston and around 1350s where I'm at now that's with housing stipend and meals per diem.
  12. 360jRN

    Is this a good contract?

    I'm from Louisiana so primarily work in the south and ER only; however, I did work in WV a couple years ago and my bring home was 1550ish for 36hours. Currently working in east Texas and bring home about 1375 for 36 hours. Previous assignment in south Texas was about 1450 for 36. I would assume and consider 1300 as "low" given your location. Are you including your meals stipend with the housing stipend figure of 900? Because that seems ridiculously high if youre not. Average housing stipend I've had has been 500's, lowest was quoted at 450. Meals has always been in the low to mid 200's. I know youre not going to make traveling your profession but be careful with those low hourly rates because I've always been told that youre more likely to get in trouble with the IRS if youre making such a low hourly rate. Look it up for a better explanation as to why lol. My normal hourly rate is 20-22/hr. What you have to decide is what is your bottom line. Whats the least you have to get in order to sign the contract and go and be happy about it.... but you have to consider what tradeoffs you can make when comparing two different contracts with differing pay. Why are you wanting to do a travel contract instead of staying at your current job? Edit: If you have any inclination of working OT make sure you negotiate a better OT rate because 1.5 x 15 = 22.50/hr.... When your effective rate is 36/hr (1300dollars/36hours = 36dollars/hr) so in my view youre losing 13.50/hr while the agency is still billing at their same rate. Just food for thought.
  13. 360jRN

    ED RNs at risk doing ASAs?

    We don't have SANE coverage at the facility I'm currently working. It's our practice to advise Pt's that we can collect the evidence; however, there is an increased possibility that it will be thrown out in court d/t an uncertified person collecting it. We then offer transfer via PD to the closest SANE which is a little over an hour from us.
  14. 360jRN

    Rude nurse?

    I apologize if that was our ER. Its an open floor concept and sound really carries down each hall. I could easily see the "there's no chest pain" laugh of relief taking place; chest pain is like a magic word that opens up a series of doors that cannot be closed once opened - Iv's, xrays, EKG, monitoring, O2, labs (including a d-dimer, which will probably be slightly positive which would lead to a Ct-chest r/o PE) So please don't take it personally. Hope ya'll are feeling better! After sitting in the waiting room for 2.5 hours I'm sure I'd be pretty irritable too! Like someone else did mention, nurses destress of cope in weird ways. I've laughed in many a code... Not because I wasn't interested or invested what I was doing, its just how I handle the stress.
  15. 360jRN

    Being thrown to the wolves during orientation

    What kind of nursing did you do prior to going to the ER? I know the biggest hangup that most nurses have is learning how to get away from the full assessment and doing a focused assessment. This can get you behind and quickly! It's going to take time to know how that facility operates as far as what they do for this and that and doctor tendencies. One doc may have you starting IV's/checking cardiacs/CT's/etc while another may do a KUB and be done with it. People always talk about being afraid of doing something and losing their license; if you ever don't know what to do or have questions -ASK! Good luck! Have fun! You'll have infuriating nights and very rewarding nights!
  16. 360jRN

    Travel Nursing

    TLC is right on with the gap in pay and travel expenses adding up. If you plan on taking a U-haul, which I did because I took the fam, it'll cost you about 250/each way, gas, lodging, meals, and then grocerys when you get to the new place; not to mention the cost of the place you'll actually be staying while on assignment if you take the stipend and not the provided housing.