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  1. Relationships with floor nurses?

    And to add like another poster mentioned stat orders...I had orders to transfuse a new admission the other day and was told type and screen was done etc then I call blood bank of blood is ready and nothing was initiated...Its things like this that I ...
  2. Relationships with floor nurses?

    This is common in my hospital. I am a floor nurse telemetry to be specific and one thing that gets to me is the fact that an ER nurse calls for report but I could be in the middle of a task in a patient room and they expect me to drop what I'm doing ...
  3. General workplace/personal life separation

    I sometimes feel the same way...Ppl at my job are clicky and many don't talk to me so I keep to myself...many smile in your face and talk crap about You behind your back...I feel left out sometimes but I've heard it's safer to not get too close with ...
  4. I quit my Home Health Nursing job!

    I did home care for about 1 year and I definitely understand how u feel...the long hours commuting home to home plus the overwhelming amt of paperwork...I learned a lot but am glad I left...don't give up u did the right thing
  5. Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

    Thank u everyone for your responses it gives me some hope as I eat my dinner during this awful night...I've not been here about 4 months n the big difference I see working nights is the helping of nurses with one another...there's such a lack of this...
  6. Help....I Can't Take it Anymore!!! - Nurses Coping with Stress

    I feel the same way...I am new to the hospital setting and work on a short staffed unit...I cringe each time I have to go to work and I have a lot of stress because of work but I try to make the best of it...does it get better? I get told it will get...
  7. Thank you both for responding it means alot...I recently heard home care doesn't count as experience for a hospital job so now I'm feeling like ill be stuck in homecare forever :/ I'm not happy there especially with all this I really goi...
  8. Ok here goes..I originally made 1 post I would say a few years back about my first traumatizing experience as a new grad RN..basically I worked in this hospital during nursing school part time as a unit secretary in a med/surge unit and ended up taki...
  9. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Ok so i had written about the good pop up well i jus waited the 48 hrs and it worked cuz I checked the quik results and I passed!!! Good luck to all u can do this!
  10. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    hey sunshine999 from the posts i've read u can check after your test as long as the status on your activity page says 'delivery successful' you should be able to try the trick good luck :)
  11. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Hello everyone I am new to this site and have been reading the posts about this pearson vue trick at first i was skeptical about it but the more i read the posts and saw that it might actually be true I tried it for myself...I just took the exam this...