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  1. Are there any good things about becoming an LPN?
  2. scolstout

    Nurses with scoliosis out there?

    Sounds like you've had some challenges. I am 55 and looking into a medical field . Wanted to do the LPN program but have scoliosis . It's either that or MA or some other completely field. I can't decide. All I know is I've had to quit several jobs because I couldn't stand on my feet fo hours at a time. My back gives out and my feet kill me. Its hard to get good medical care now because my husband is on disability and I have state clinic care. They don't even have an orthepedic dr. So i don't know what to do. My other choices right now might be counseling or speech pathology. Haven't taken the GRE yet. Really unsure if i want to go back to a college canpus . Anyway, I've been through an LPN program and had to leave the last semester because my back went out. So went and got my teaching certificate. I'm looking into rehab paying my way I'm frustrated and confused as to which way to go. Maybe I'm too old to even think about this. I know I'm tired of struggling to find a job and have heard horror stories with the MA programs. Any advice out there??