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  1. tmd1my

    Nursing School Background Check

    Thank You everyone for your responses. You made me feel that I can put this issue to rest regarding my entrance into nursing school. Financial hardship is really hard to overcome as it can dampen the psyche. I know I'm not the only one as the economy has burdened plenty of households. I wish everyone the best. Regards.
  2. tmd1my

    Nursing School Background Check

    Hi Everyone, I got accepted to nursing school and am currently going through a background check. I never have been convicted of any crimes nor have I committed any, but my credit is poor. I was a stockbroker in 2008 and my career collapsed along with the stock market, and I eventually was forced into bankruptcy this year because my accounts were margined with call options that were not covered. My question is: Will this Chapter 7 bankruptcy on my record prevent me from going to my first semester nursing home clinical or am I ok? I am 43 years old without anywhere to turn to in the financial industry, that is why I am going to nursing school. Thank You for your response as it is much appreciated.