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  1. mid31

    Is my spring class schedule too much!

    I think you should be fine as longest you stay on top of things. Make sure you manage your time wisely! the science courses you're taking are very basic so it shouldn't be that bad. Last spring I took the following courses while working full time; Psyc Human Development & Growth, College algebra, A&P I, Chemistry II,and Speech. I won't lie and say it was a piece of cake because I stressed plenty of times but at the end of the semester I was very proud of myself. The outcome was B,A,A,B,A :). Good luck!
  2. It is very doable. I worked full time and took 17 hrs that included A&P I and Chem II. It will be time consuming but as longest you stay on top of things you will be okay. Good luck!
  3. mid31

    I want to be a nurse but I have a low GPA

    I agree with everyone else and would highly suggest you retake the courses you didn't do so well on. Most nursing school advisors I've talked to have told me they take the highest grade once you have repeated a course. Don't get discouraged! I'm surprised your advisor would give you such advice but then again, some don't even know what they're talking about. The best thing you can do is contact the schools you are interested in and find out their requirements. Good luck!
  4. mid31

    rn to pa

    Hi, This is exactly what I'm doing, going to nursing school then applying to PA program. You will need to take Chem 2, O Chem I, and an extra writing course. Like many others have already stated, requirements vary depending on the type of program you're applying to. I know for a fact, that you DO NOT need to have any clinical experience. The requirements for the schools in Texas are, having a BS, completion of pre reqs which are very similar to the ones for nursing school, and passing the GRE. PA programs are very competitive but it is such a great profession. Good luck to you!!