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  1. I have Lacharity and I have been reviewing that too!
  2. I am graduating from the LVN-RN transition program on the 10th of December! I feel the same way as you! We have a comprehensive HESI this Thursday and I am freaking out! THe first HESI I took, I think I overdid myself on the studying part, and then my nerves got me. The rest of them I did ok on. It's just a lot of information! I plan on doing NCLEX 4000 practice ?s, NCLEX Exam Cram and another book (not sure which one yet). I have been reading on here and come recommend studying so many hours and questions a day.... I am with you, I plan on studying hard core too, but it's just a lot!!!
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    Thanks! I am just really upset right now. I just called them and they said my file was sent because of non disclosure.... The application was corrected and resent. Gonna send in the court documents tomorrow, so hope to hear from them soon. I graduate in 3 weeks............
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    Thanks! I am just freaking out because I graduate December 10th and can't schedule my boards until I hear back from them......
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    Has anyone had to deal with the BON's Enforcement Department .... Do they really take 3-6 months to hear back from them? Thanks!
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    review book

  7. sfroebel

    review book

    Don't know what RN NCLEX review book to get.....? I have LaCharity... Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Some thoughts on the NCLEX

    Thanks a bunch and CONGRATS!!!
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    Took Nclex this morning...

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think positive!!!
  10. I am currently in the ADN mobility program and will be graduating this December... I am wondering if Hurst or Kaplan is better.... Or any other recommendations... I just want to prepare myself for the NCLEX. Thanks a million!!!
  11. I would love to have them as well. My email is SFROEBEL@HOTMAIL.COM THANKS! :)