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  1. yourkyfankim

    How is the job market for NP's?

    Yes, Paducah.
  2. yourkyfankim

    How is the job market for NP's?

    I think there probably are more FNP's simply because that degree is more flexible. If you choose something specialized, you limit your job possibilities when you live in small town USA. I always wanted to be a nurse midwife until I realized the hours they probably have to work. They pretty much have to go to work when their patients go into labor...no matter if you've worked all day or not. And doctors in my town are not fans of nurse midwives. I would be pretty much guaranteeing that I would have to relocate to find work. I would also think I'd like the neonatal NP but, again, I'd have to move to find work. FNP or the women's health NP would be about the only options that would be useful in my area if you're interesting in women's health.
  3. yourkyfankim

    How is the job market for NP's?

    I have heard that the market has become saturated with NP's and jobs were getting harder and harder to find. I had been considering going back to school for my masters but after hearing that, I am afraid I'd be throwing my money and time away. Any opinions?
  4. yourkyfankim

    Do you still use your old nursing school textbooks??

    I actually have used mine. Any time I have a specific condition I want some in-depth info on, I turn to them. Sure, I use the internet too, but I like my books because I can find exactly what I'm looking for quickly instead of browsing page after page online. I still love my pharm book. I use it along with my drug book. And occasionally I review specific sections when I have a patient to take care of with something I don't see very often. Not to mention, they are a great review of the material. It's amazing how much you forget in a short amount of time. And is it any wonder? The pace they throw it at you is maddening!
  5. yourkyfankim

    Can't even get an interview!

    I wouldn't doubt it. I know most of the nursing homes in my area would hire ANY warm body with a license to charge because they have a terrible time finding people who want to work in a nursing home. I was offered a charge nurse position a few weeks ago but after shadowing a nurse I decided nursing homes were NOT my cup of tea! I am really trying desperately not to take another crappy position to replace a crappy one!
  6. yourkyfankim

    Can't even get an interview!

    The home health agency I work for would hire just about any warm body they could get. But let me tell you, it's not something you want to do! It's a pressure cooker. I am PRN and I work 12-15 hours a day. It's because they don't have anyone who wants their piece of crap job. Every single nurse they've ever had has walked out except for one who actually was under so much pressure that she had a gran mal seizure in a patients home because she was so stressed out. She lost her drivers license for 3 months and they told her they couldn't save her job since she hadn't been there but about 4 months. I've been doing it for a little more than a year and I've gained weight, my blood pressure is now high (which I've never in my life had problems with) and I feel like I am going to snap under the pressure at any moment. I have been ready to walk out myself for a while now but the past 2 weeks have been horrible!! If I wasn't already having such trouble finding another job I would've already given my notice. I just pray I can hold out until I find something else. It's either going to put me in the unemployment line or the morgue! My advice to anyone considering home health would be to think twice. The company I work for cares about nothing but the almighty dollar!!
  7. yourkyfankim

    Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

    Just thought I'd say hi. I'm an RN from Paducah. I'm currently working in home health. I would love to get on at one of the local hospitals..but so far, no luck.
  8. yourkyfankim

    Help.Cannot get a JOB!

    Amen, amen and AMEN!!! I am a bachelor's prepared RN and I have never had so much trouble getting an interview in my life! And I agree with the post earlier that said she's tired of being ignored and her phone calls never being returned!! VERY unprofessional! So, don't waste your time getting your BSN...it doesn't help! I've toyed with the idea of getting an FNP degree but I'm afraid I won't have any better luck with it than I have with my RN degree. I'm considering traveling but they probably won't hire me either. Very frustrating! I had better luck landing jobs with no degree at all!
  9. yourkyfankim

    Can't even get an interview!

    I totally feel your pain! I am in the same boat. I have applied for countless jobs and have managed to get 1 interview. I took a job at a local hospital straight out of nursing school in the cardiac telemetry unit as an admissions and discharge nurse. It turned out to be a very bad decision on the director's behalf since the job required you to be able to bounce back and forth between admissions, discharges and patient care. I didn't get the proper orientation for patient care and didn't do it often enough to become comfortable with a full patient load. I had a horrible charge nurse who would not come out from behind the desk to help me. My director called me a liar when I went to her about it. She wouldn't release me to transfer within the hospital, so after several incidents and some very scary situations for a brand new nurse, I gave my notice and quit. She was so mad that she marked me ineligible for rehire...which I eventually got overturned after about a year and a half. But that has been a huge black mark against me. In short, I have had incredible luck for finding the worst possible jobs out there...I have had 4 jobs in 2 years, with the past year being spent in home health working for the armpit of all agencies. I have applied for darn-near every job posted in the past 10 months at the 2 local hospitals to no avail. Many positions withing an hour radius and I have even started applying for positions in a 3 hour radius with no luck! It's not like my work history prior to graduating from nursing school 2 yrs ago was questionable. I was at my last job for 7 years! I've just managed to find the worst of the worst everywhere I've landed. No one will take a chance on me because I don't have hospital experience. It's so frustrating! I am now considering either traveling or going back to school to get an NP degree. I'm already 32K in debt for my bachelor's..I hate to get further in debt with no guarantees that my luck won't follow me! I have even contemplated getting out of nursing all together. I thought once you got your nursing degree that you'd be set. Boy was I wrong!