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  1. Has anyone heard of the new BSN program that is starting this Fall at Herzing University? I went to the nursing information meeting. I'm frustrated with the local technical college and have satt and waited already for 2 semesters and will possibly have to wait for another 4 semesters before my petition is accepted. I've been done with all my course work at the local technical college and am disheartened by having to sit and wait for so long to start the core nursing program. So I applied for the career-focused BSN program at Herzing. Herzing is regionally accredited, but the nursing program doesn't have the specialized accredition because it's my understanding the BSN program is brand new and will have to wait until the first graduating class to graduate the program and take the RN-NCLEX and have a high pass rate to be considered for the specialized accreditation. I understand that. Has anyone else applied for this Fall or for Jan 2011 start? It's expensive, but it is for a BSN and some career-focused ADN programs and non-profit, private ADN programs are very expensive and you will only have an ADN. Does anyone have any input? I'm at a stand still at what to do and I am tired of sitting and waiting to start the nursing core program at the local technical college. And, I do like the fact that you can complete the BSN program at Herzing in 8 semesters. Thank you.