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gaspasser2b has 5 years experience and specializes in Anesthesia, CCU, ICU.

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  1. gaspasser2b

    Which hospital is better for admission?

    Level I
  2. gaspasser2b

    Villanova spring 2019 applicant

  3. I still can't find it! I PM'd you my name. Anyone else having problems searching it?
  4. I searched it but can't find it
  5. I private messaged you my email a while ago. Not sure if you got it. But feel free to email me lmac1186@gmail.com. I'm coming from out of state also.
  6. Congrats!!!! I'm so excited : )
  7. gaspasser2b

    Philadelphia hospitals/rates

    Hey guys! I'm relocating to Philly area for CRNA school starting January 2016. Until then, I would like to get a per-diem job in an area hospital. I have 4 years CCU experience and 1 year ICU float experience (both at level 1 trauma & academic centers). Can anyone tell me current per-diem rates in the area? Any suggestions on facilities based on patient acuity/ratios, staffing, nurse autonomy? I would also be interested in South Jersey or Delaware as I am applying for my nursing licenses in these states as well.
  8. They unofficially told me during the interview and my official acceptance email came 2 days later (although they said it could take up to 2 weeks to receive it bc the email is generated from a different department only after their decision has been made).
  9. Aw. I'm sorry to hear that. But fingers crossed....waiting list is not bad!
  10. How was your interview? Good news yet? : )
  11. Yay so excited for you!! Keep us updated! : )
  12. Well best of luck! Hope to see you in January! Are you from the area?
  13. gaspasser2b

    Albany Medical College Class of 2017

    Congrats on your acceptance! I work at AMC and grew up in the area. I know Stonehenge is around your price range, in a beautiful area, and only 5-7 minute drive from the hospital. Last I knew, Stonehenge offers discounts to AMC employees with many residents and nurses living there. Perhaps you could see if they offer AMC students the same discount. Center Square is nice and within walking distance. However, parking is a nightmare no matter what time of day/night. Also, Center Square may not be the quietest as it attracts a younger crowd and there are many bars in this area. If you don't want to live in a complex, there are many free standing houses for rent. If you chose that route, I would suggest New Scotland or Delaware Ave. areas (both within 5-10 minute drive). Best of luck with your search!
  14. Thank you! My interview was via Skype with the director and 2 other anesthesia faculty members. There were just a few clinical questions related to my speciality area and patient population/acuity. Other questions focused on why I was choosing CRNA and what preparatory measures I've taken to ensure my success throughout the program (finances, living arrangements, familiarity with the Philly area, etc...). Overall, it was laid back and the faculty made me comfortable throughout the process. At the end, they told me I was accepted and would be receiving my official acceptance letter within 2 weeks. Are you planning to apply?
  15. Lol thanks! I've been asking all the nurses in my unit to let me start their IVs! Were you from the area? Or did you move from out of state? The director told me she would let me know my clinical site in Oct./Nov. so I guess I will wait until then to pick a spot to live. Are you happy with the program thus far?
  16. I found out unofficially during the interview. I received my official acceptance email within 2 days. Although, they did tell me the email could take up to 2 weeks.