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  1. andrea.nz

    Fem pop bypass graft

    thanks that was really helpful:)
  2. andrea.nz

    The Hopsitals that hire new grads in ICU's

    Come to New Zealand, we take new grads in ICU in fact we are so short of nurses we will take them anywhere:chuckle [
  3. andrea.nz

    Tympanic temps in ICU?

    We do have tympanic but very few nurses will use them prefering axilla or rectal. Our intensivist prefer we dont use them as there is such a discrepency between readings.
  4. andrea.nz

    Fem pop bypass graft

    Hi, I am doing a reserach paper on fem pop bypass grafts and need to critique some nursing articles regarding my topic. I am struggling to find any that are related to nursing care of the post op patient and was hoping someone could help with some suggestions. Thanks
  5. andrea.nz

    P/F Ratio

    :angryfire I am doing a sepsis presentation and can not find the formula to work out the P/F ratio when someone is on 02 via nasal cannula i.e. 3L any help would be appreciated (I can work it out when they are ventilated)
  6. andrea.nz

    Communication for the vented patient

    We use alphabet boards, most of the time this seems to work but when it doesnt find someone who is good at reading lips:chuckle