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  1. pedimac

    Amerian Association of Critical Care Nurses

    Dropped mine when I got into school. I agree with supporting organizations, but a CRNA is not a critical care nurse. Different mindsets, different practices, different political issues. If you want to continue to support the AACN since you have been part of it for so long, that's your decision (kind of like supporting my alma mater), but the AACN does not support and fight for CRNA practice.
  2. A little over a month. Just so much antediluvian language I can tolerate.
  3. I worked nights, and studied on my off days. I'd get off, go to bed, wake up around 3 pm, go get lunch and coffee, and sit for a couple of hours each day. Just like exercising, you have to make yourself do it a little every day. I didn't even study until after I scheduled my test. That way, I had a date on my calendar that was quickly approaching. Any motivation helps.
  4. pedimac

    Books / Links to prepare and learn...

    I'm with manusko on this. Learn the job of a critical care nurse. That will help you more than anything. Then, once you're accepted, "enjoy your free time, travel, spend time with family. After school starts you will wish you had."
  5. pedimac

    Should new grads always start on a med/surg floor?

    No. Med surg is not psych, is not critical care, is not ER. Do what you want, learn your field.
  6. pedimac

    Helpful Apps for CRNA school?????

    A few free ones I have: Gas Guide ACTc Lite Epocrates MedCalc I'm trying to get away without paying for any, but I do need to invest in a better drug guide than what Epocrates offers without a subscription.
  7. pedimac

    PICU experience

    I worked in a PICU before I started school. Several others at my school are from a PICU background as well, and two of my previous coworkers got into different schools. Many people will tell you not to go to a PICU, but generally, any ICU can work. Look up CRNA Direct; it has a list of schools, by state, with general requirements and start dates for each. My classmates are made up of SICU, Cardiac ICU, STICU, Neuro ICU, PICU, large hospital, small hospital, etc. Get there, learn, make the most of your experience. You are the driving force of your education while in the ICU. You can either be lazy and just get by or make a concious effort to learn about the ICU (regardless of where that is); the interview panel will be able to tell. Also, even kids get anesthesia. Not just adults. Have fun and good luck.
  8. pedimac

    Male RNs ages 18-25

    I graduated with my BSN at 22, and am now 25. Worked in a pedi-ICU. #1 - The only issue that came up in 3 years was a Muslim family asked for female nurses to clean their daughter. My coworkers helped out, then I helped them with their patients. Easy enough. #2 - My coworkers and I were all in it together. I was the youngest (by age) on my unit, but I started with 5 other new grads. The nurses with more experience helped us out, answered questions, and wanted us to succeed. Regardless of age and experience level, we all have something to bring to the table, with different personalities. Age never came up until it was my birthday. Even when it did, it was usually "Congratulations on knowing what you wanted and going after it. I wish I did that." #3 - Just started anesthesia school. If I don't go everyday, I fail. But I love it so far. I appreciated bedside nursing, and I miss my friends on my unit. But after about a year or so, I knew I couldn't stay in the ICU forever (which was my original plan). I know some people say they have problems with older nurses getting on the younger ones. That isn't nursing in general, that is an individual making a conscious choice to be a jerk. Don't go in thinking you will need to be standoffish. That will just set you up for failure; it'll increase the chances of a knee-jerk reaction being the wrong one. Enjoy it, have fun, let stuff roll off. Good luck on your career.
  9. pedimac

    My first Interview on Monday, Help!!

    Dress well, eat a small breakfast if it's in the morning, don't drink a gallon of coffee prior to it, listen to some calming music on the way to your interview. Look up some information about the specialty you're interviewing for. Be respectful. Oh, and positive thinking works wonders.
  10. pedimac

    Financial Aid/Loans-How to survive financially

    I just started my program in NC. I was not excited to take out more loans, but that's what has to be done. My wife and I took out all the loans offered by the school, and so far it's worked. But there are the personal loans you can get if the need arises (but much higher interest rate than the Stafford and PLUS loans). Remember, too, there are scholarships out there. The AANA has quite a few different scholarships they give out every year. I also found a few smaller ones ($250-500) from various other sources. I just did a google search for graduate nursing scholarships. 250 isn't that much, but every little bit helps. And that 250 doesn't get compounded. Phil
  11. pedimac

    Can I be a CRNA with Malignant Hyperthermia?

    Well, you shouldn't be gassing yourself, I'd imagine.
  12. pedimac

    why nurses cannot have a nail polish..?

    Because that's what we've done since 1863.
  13. pedimac

    T-shirt Slogans

    1. PICU nurses Roc! (for rocuronium, and we're awesome.) 2. PICU - Keeping the beat! (With an EKG, normal beat and then a PVC)
  14. pedimac

    Anybody else catch this?... Glee Male nurse

    I'm a male nurse, I watch the show with my wife, and I thought that line was hilarious. Lighten up. It's a lighthearted show. Nothing Sue's character does (except for choosing her cheer assistant) is supposed to be taken seriously. I also put get in my hair, and do not find it insulting when she insults Will's hair.
  15. pedimac

    Time for a change?

    Pediatrics is fun. I'm a guy, and I love it. Patients are smaller, you can play with the kids. Plus - A year ago, I had a kid mad at me all night because his mom was at home with his sister. He fell asleep around midnight, but had written a note - "I'm sorry I was mean. You are a good nurse. Please tell me bye before you leave." That was freakin awesome.