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  1. geminiwanderlust

    Advice for New Grad School Nurse

    I too am new at this. My only experience was subbing for a large district school--that had tons of guidelines and organization aid in place for one day a week for the start of this school year to getting hired full time by my local district, juggling four schools. I have been here one month--and I should've realized a nurse leaving in the middle of the school year is never a good sign. I am trying to hang in there--but nothing prepared me for parents complaining to the principal about me already. I didn't send their son home after two visits to the clinic--no fever, just a stomach ache. I also talked to dad twice and kept him abreast of the situation. Dad complained that "I gave too much reassurance that johnny was fine." So trust that you are not alone. I can't imagine being a new grad on top of this. I had 8 years prior experience in ob/gyn and L&D. This is tough job and I am cringing at the coworker nurse who told me "what a cupcake job" when I first told them I was going to take a full time school nursing position.
  2. geminiwanderlust

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    Ok this made me feel a lot better!
  3. geminiwanderlust

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    Well unfortunately I am not allowed to structure my own days very well. My schedule is set. Monday and Wednesday I spend 1/2 day each at the two boring small schools. Tuesdays I am at the busy school all day. Thurdays I am at a medium school. And Friday I spend the morning at the busy school and the afternoon at the small school. I wish I had more control, but the smaller schools are private and have a contract with the bigger district, so I am committed to 2.5 days a week. there. I think I might start to look for a new position as guilty as that makes me feel in the district I subbed in. Rumor has it there will be an opening for one school come fall. I just feel like I am flailing with no assistance or guidance.
  4. geminiwanderlust

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    I am replacing a nurse that had been here for ten years who left in the middle of the school year because she was frustrated at having to juggle four schools after being at one previously. She left things in great shape. All screenings done from what I can see (except for NTD) and immunization letters were sent end of January. The supervisor seems very busy and hates it when I ask too many questions...She cuts me off all the time. She is the head of health services and seems to just be overextended. It seems medical alert lists are up to date with EAPS in a binder. I did not like the wording of some of the EAPs, so I rewrote several already.
  5. geminiwanderlust

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    I've been working as a school nurse for a little over three weeks at my local district. I am juggling four schools. My previous experience is limited--I was a substitute school nurse one day a week for six months at a larger well organized district. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I am wondering if I made the biggest mistake of my life. One of the schools is a small private school and I literally stare at the wall while I am there because I have no students visiting the clinic and no idea what else I should be doing. I have been given limited resources, no protocols or policy/procedure. Subbing was very different--the clinics were very busy, lots of meds and diabetics, even a tube feed. All the charting was electronic which I excel at and I was primarily at the same school. I loved it. Now I feel idle and that paperwork is the only thing I will ever be doing. And I don't know how to handle so many situations. I forgot to send a head injury form home with a student (because I really hadn't even been briefed on the subject) and got nicely talked to by my supervisor because the parent was upset.
  6. geminiwanderlust

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    You guys are not alone. I am in Ohio and also in the first funding preference. My GPA is 3.5, I have already completed 1 1/2 years of nursing school. I only have 2 semesters left. My credit is decent. I was also very optimistic until I read this forum. I have not received any emails or anything. I think there are a lot of us out there--and it may still be too early to give up hope. No one really knows how this whole process works and how the bureaucracy of the HRSA is functioning.