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  1. dealing with dyslexia

    I would check with your school's disability services division. They can help you and make sure you get the accommodations you need to be on an even playing field with everyone else.
  2. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    From what I have seen the RN scores were 215-202. I don't know what the cut off was for the LPN program. They say that Spring is usually easier to get into than the Fall, but with so many people applying I don't know if that's true anymore.
  3. jobs hiring me as a cna before i am registered. passed already

    I can't believe they won't accept your paperwork that says you've passed. Congrats on getting into the nursing program. I start at Ivy Tech next week too!
  4. Pumping at Work???

    I'm going to guess since it's a family practice they would be supportive. Only you can know how often you need to pump. I'm sure if you explain it to them, they will accomodate you.
  5. Private student loans

    Private loans, like those from a bank, are based on your credit and ability to pay them back. Most people need a co-signer to get them. I wouldn't do it. I would look into scholarships first.
  6. I need help...quick!

    Try Purplemath
  7. I just want some scrub pants that fit!

    Can anyone help me, I am getting desperate! I'm about to start nursing school and went to the bookstore to buy my scrubs. We have to get our tops there because they are embroidered, so I went ahead and got the pants. BIG mistake! Seems the pants ...
  8. I'm such a geek....

    I begin Nursing School Aug. 23rd. After reading many a discussion board on here about not getting behind on the readings, I emailed my instructors for Fundamentals and Med-Surg and asked them if there was anything they recommended we read before cla...
  9. Is this too much?

    Thanks for the advice!
  10. Is this too much?

    I'll be getting my ASN and it will take 2 years (expected date of completion May 2012). I only mentioned the MBA because I use it to teach. I know nursing is nothing like Business, but I think the fact I made it through an accelerated Masters progra...
  11. Is this too much?

    I should also include I am married with 3 kids. But my kids are older (15, 13, 12) and my husband is extremely supportive! I think the fact that I have shorter class times will help. I know my Thursday will be insane, but like I said, if I don't h...
  12. Is this too much?

    Greetings everyone, I'm hoping for some insight if I am spreading myself too thin. I start nursing school in 12 days and I have to work while in school. I already hold a MBA and am an instructor at the college I attend (I teach in the business fiel...
  13. new job and pregnant?!?!

    Oh duh! Sorry, didn't even think of that. lol
  14. new job and pregnant?!?!

    I'm not sure where you got 3 months from. You have to have worked at your place of employment for 12 months and at least 1,250 hours to qualify for FMLA.
  15. "4.4 GPA? Do you mean 3.4 or 4.0?" Being that they were in AP classes, it's extremely easy to get higher than a 4.0. Usually advance placement classes carry a higher point value.