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  1. hurleyhombre

    Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Hi All! I will be starting the program in the Spring of 2011. To get a jump on things since my prereqs are all done, do any current ACERS have any powerpoints, notes, tips from class they can send to me? If so, please private message me. Any help to get jump started on the program would be A - M - A - Z - I - N - G!!!
  2. hurleyhombre

    Drexel University ACE Spring 2011

    I currently live a bit outside of the city, but am moving to the Wayne area (Chesterbrook). It is still in suburb land, but has easy train access to the city. I couldn't give up the open space / parks of the burbs. It will be about a 35 minute train ride or so into the city, but easy access to the highways for those sites that we will have to drive to. I figure time on the trian can be used to study.