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  1. soon2begrad2010

    Shands Gainesville New RN

    Congratulations! L&D is my passion also ,I wish you the best,I've been a nurse for a little over a year and never thought to apply at shands gainesville.
  2. Here where I live at ,me and a couple of nurses who now work at a hospital all were previously at LTC facilities, I got hired on at the hospital I work at now after working 6 months at an LTC,it all just depends I guess where you live at and their views on nursing homes.
  3. soon2begrad2010

    Shands gainsville/jacksonville new nurse fellowship program

    I was told it would be in august,when I got a turn down email from shands back in january after I applied with them
  4. soon2begrad2010

    Any other new grad RNs in Jacksonville finding jobs?

    Yes please try PSA or Integrity,I just started with PSA and they have no problems hiring new grads and I just started with Integrity,they don't mind either, I started off in a nursing home on the northside of jax that had a bad reputation also,if you do take a job with them and you feel like you may lose your license don't stay it's not worth it.I have given up on trying to get on with any hospitals ,and so far I almost have 6 months exp.
  5. soon2begrad2010

    So done.

    I can relate,LTC is very stressful,I did LTC for 3 months after I graduated and I would sometimes be in tears from all the duties and having 30 residents,and a unit manager who dare not help any floor nurses at all on the wing I worked on. I now do home health full-time and I love it,and I don't have to constantly worry about losing my license when I go to work everyday because management used to put new nurses on the sub-acute side quite often.
  6. soon2begrad2010

    What being an Agency Nurse did for me..

    Wow!I am happy to hear you found a work place that values you,I personally know nurses also who had to leave their previous place of work due to their nurse managers treating them crappy also.
  7. soon2begrad2010

    Can't believe this is happening!

    Thanks for the advice,I guess I was freaking out,I was just started to feel less overwhelmed at this LTC facility and afraid this may cause me to get overwhelmed again.
  8. soon2begrad2010

    Can't believe this is happening!

    I was waiting for my supervisor to come back from vacation then I will. I just they may try and talk me into training anyhow and I don't want to have to deal with that.I have another job on the side, I wouldn't be quitting without any job at all,I learned that lesson some years back.
  9. soon2begrad2010

    Can't believe this is happening!

    Ok,don't get me wrong, I'm happy I didn't have to wait long to find a job as a new grad, but so far all I have is 2 months and 1 week of LTC nursing home experience,and the ADON/DON see no problem with me training a new nurse? I was told LTC's would throw you to the wolves, but geesh! anyhow I plan to talk to my supervisor but I already know I won't get anywhere, so I'm thinking of quiting ,I am not even closely qualified to train any new nurses! I'd love to get some advice on this dilemma and if anyone else has experienced this also.
  10. soon2begrad2010

    Is it me or just the nursing home I'm working in

    Thanks rainbowsandsunshine,you hit the nail on the head,I attempted to talk to the DON,but she had already left,my problem is the medpass and reading the MAR is no problem,I've also gotten to know the residents pretty good also.But oh my the paperwork is no JOKE! and I have been left hangin a by myself some and I know charting and doing paperwork is very important and I'm not taking that lightly,I have no intentions on losing my license because of LTC , I was told a month orientation,but I haven't gotten oriented on any paperwork but the bare minimum and then I ask for help and everyone is tied up in their own duties or they stress to me it's end of shift and they leavin quick cause they got stuff to do after work.
  11. soon2begrad2010

    Is it me or just the nursing home I'm working in

    kinda thought that ,thanks
  12. Ok, I have been working as a RN for officially a month this coming friday, when I was hired I was told a month of training ,the 1st week was ok, the 2nd week I was put on another wing of the ltc with a nurse who was definitely helping me get the grasp of some things. By the middle of the 2nd week I was working the med cart by myself.Now mind you this was okay with as I finally was getting to know the resident's and their schedules. But my problem is all the paperwork that is left over afterwards, no one seems to want to help me nor or they around when that time comes,I all know how to do so far is charting in the MAR/TAR and what we have called 24 hr report and care track plan, and I just recently got the hang of faxing over the doctor's orders about meds and skin tx,but other than that I feel I don't know crap and I have been so overwhelmed. I even told my unit manager but didn't get a reply,the nurse who was training me was always getting help from her buddy when it came to paperwork and would always mention the goal of clocking out by 4:00pm, the way I been getting most paperwork done is by asking the oncoming shift nurses questions and they would help as good as they can,I still don't understand how to call pharmacy for meds, do an admit or a discharge and a plethora of other paperwork,asked a nurse oncoming about a patient's prescription for eyeglasses and she stated she didn't know.I am really frustated and feel I'm not getting trained good enough, if it's me I'll tighten up as good I can,but is anyone with some experience know's if this is good or not please let me know,I was planning on talking to the DON next,but have a feeling I might not get anywhere with that either.
  13. soon2begrad2010

    New RN

    Yes,try LTC/Rehab facilities,I just recently took the boards and received my license and within 10 days of applying to hospitals and ltc's I finally got a job offer and so did another classmate of mine at another ltc. I live in jax,fl and I really want a hospital job,but I was in dire need of some of a job asap also. Also up here I know of 2 home health agencies that hire new grads, I was getting ready to start working for a home health agency but was not comfortable having rusted skills.
  14. soon2begrad2010

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    Someone shared this article with me and I thought it was interesting http://nursingcrib.com/nursing-jobs/10000-nurses-needed-for-dohs-rn-heals-project/
  15. soon2begrad2010

    has anyone in jacksonville luck getting on as a new grad?

    one of my classmates was just telling me about shands fellowship program but I don't know when they will be accepting applications, and I knew memorial hired new grads but,I thought they only did 2 or 3 times a year,do you know when shads will start their nurse fellowship program?
  16. soon2begrad2010

    has anyone in jacksonville luck getting on as a new grad?

    I've applied to a few places,a few of my classmates have gotten jobs thru homecare and one at a hospital and nursing at LTC. I have a potential job (maybe) with homehealth,but there keeps being a delay