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  1. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Gangel1, congrats! I was accepted at fort wayne ASN to. Im so excited I can't wait to get started! I just picked up my shot records from my high school because I wasnt sure where else to find them. I am taking the CPR classes at red cross this sat...
  2. Oh ya that's what that medication was called. I thought it seemed pretty brutal of them, thank you for your feedback. I'm just really worried it had caused permanant damage, it has not gone away at all and my pediatrician said it was probably scar ti...
  3. I have a question for you nurses specializing in pediatrics: My son went to the emergency room a few weeks ago for apparently pnuemonia (local, small town hospital). They injected him with something along the lines of rosenephrine? I probably spelle...
  4. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    my score was 199 :)
  5. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Accepted into the ASN program at fort wayne today!
  6. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    No letter from FW today. Anyone else? Fort wayne people: please post as soon as you get your letter please!!!
  7. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    ya I know what ya mean! its so frustrating. Hopefully well both get in and have nothing to worry about. especially with all of the new changes thats happening ( New TEAS new math class) as if they don't make it hard enough to get in.
  8. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Sorry, i didn't ask if LPN would be sent with RN. But she didnt seem to want to answer any of my questions, I asked if they sent denial letters to Rn at the same time but she didn't know. seriously its like theyre torturing us lol whats the harm in...
  9. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    O and she said she knew what the cut off was but she couldn't tell me a thing about the scores...
  10. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Dear fellow fort wayners, I called the office today. They asked me to pass the info on: RN letters will not be sent out this week...... She said we should get them by the end of next week.
  11. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    congratulations Infinisynth!!! My2girlskk- have you got your letter from fort wayne yet? Nothing in the mail for me today...
  12. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    To us in the mail by this Friday, but who knows. I'm starting to get really nervous, Im doubting im even going to get in at all:crying2:
  13. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    ugghh, I can't take this waiting. Soo, has anyone heard anything about fort wayne campus by chance? I heard we should have them by this friday but who knows. Good luck everyone!!
  14. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    I did not apply to LPN but really wishing i would have!! can't wait for acceptance letters to come out, hopefully theyll get sent out early lol
  15. Ivy Tech Spring 2011 Applicants

    Hey everyone! I just applied for spring 2011 RN and am so nervous , i have a 199 and don't know if that will get me in anyone applying to the fort wayne campus?