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Kauai RN has 15 years experience and specializes in L&D RN.

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  1. Kauai RN

    STABLE 7th edition pre-assessment

    Where might I find the answer key to check my answers for STABLE pre-assessment question?
  2. Kauai RN

    How Soon To Specialize

    Aloha Nearly an RN, When I was a new grad, there were many programs offered to new grads to specialize and be trained. I was always told it was best to have at least 2 years of med surg experience before specializing. I chose to get experience and regret that decision. I really wish I had gone to L&D, where my heart has always been, because now there are not many opportunities to get in anywhere without previous experience in that specialty. I say follow your heart if you know your specialty, get in while you can!! Good Luck!
  3. Kauai RN

    Home Health RN going back to hospital setting.

    Yes Mama Kitty, currently I manage the care for 30+ clients as well as managing over 50 employees. I have thought about this but was the understanding I may need more recent hospital experience to be a hospital case manager. What is the going pay rate?
  4. Kauai RN

    Med surg RN turns OB?

    Any advice on how an RN with only 2 years med surg experience and 6 years home health experience and get into OB, L& D. Any classes or courses I can take to make me a better candidate?
  5. Aloha, I am an RN with two years med surg experience, but have been in home health for the past 6 years. Any advice on RN refresher courses or websites for practice nursing calculations to get my foot back into the hospital setting?
  6. Kauai RN

    CA nursing ratio numbers?

    The last time I worked in Cali it was 5:1 in med surge which was AWESOME :)
  7. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Latest info on Kauai. So after contacting the Narcotic Enforcement Division along with the FDA and the Executive Officer of Pharmacy and Nursing, my agency has come to the conclusion it is not safe for a nurse to administer a non approved FDA drug. All three agencies pretty much said the same thing, ultimately if something goes wrong witht he client due to the medication, the nurse would be liable. It is illegal to administer an illegal drug and according to them Cobazam is illegal in the US. Interesting stuff! Thanks for everyone's input!
  8. Kauai RN

    Working in Hawaii

    Aloha! I have been living in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai for the past 18 years and love it! I have been an RN for 6 years. Jobs are pretty scarce right now unless you specialize in ER or OB. We have actually been hiring travelers to fill these specialties. The best bet would prob be to contact a travel company to see what is open. Nothing better than spending your days off on the beach :)
  9. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Please post your state's response...curious to see if it is universal across the states~~
  10. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    finally somewhat of an answer today! i just spoke with our local executive officer of pharmacy and nursing who informed me that the nursing practice act does not state nurses are allowed or not allowed to administer a drug that has not yet been fda approved. she highly advised against giving this medication and stated, "why would any nurse want to risk their license to give a non fda approved drug"? she said ultimately, it is up to each individual nurse but with a very high risk. she than advised me to contact the fda directly 888-463-6332 for their position on this subject, which i will have to do tomorrow because they are closed for the day! mahalo for everyone's input, this opened my eyes to a lot!
  11. Kauai RN

    Quirky Habits?

    Boy, we've got some quirky nurses So my quirks are; Whenever I am going to leave my house in the morning, I have to use the bathroom right before I leave, no matter how many times I have already gone. I always read magazines backwards. I have to start from the back. Even if I make myself start on the first page, I ultimately find myself flipping pages from the back. The older I get (I'm only 42), I find myself buying two of everything at the store on my shopping list, (ie; two bottles of taco sauce, two bottles of juice, two packets of seasoning mix etc), when I only may need one. If I don't consciously make sure I close the front door when I am leaving my house, I have to get out of my car and make sure it is completely closed, so I know it's not going to blow open and let my dogs out. Ok I know, I am officially weird :)
  12. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Exactly! Cited legal info is what I need. Thanks to all of you for your input thus far. I have a call out to our local Department of Health and they are also researching this. I will let you know when I (hopefully) get the "legal" info :)
  13. Kauai RN

    How long till you receive nclex-pn test results?

    Two weeks in Hawaii ....... yesterday they were talking about the PVU test? Have you tried that?
  14. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Yes very cloudy area, the med is Clobazam, used for seizure disorder in a pediatric patient. Up til now, the family has been giving it but this limits them to their daily activities and they would like the RN/LPN on duty to give it if possible. It comes from Canada, I have a local MD order to give it. Family pays out of pocket as the insurance will not cover it.
  15. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Sooo, this is my GREAT delima.... I am a nursing supervisor for a home health agency and have a client with a M.D. order for a drug that is not FDA approved yet, they are getting it from Canada. Is it legal for an RN to administer this drug? I am not able to find any documentation on the rules and regulations for administering non FDA approved drugs in the U.S.A. But yet I do understand that as an RN administering any medication, you are required to be able to determine if the patient is experiencing any adverse side effects and must know in detail the full spectrum of any and all adverse effects any drug may have to protect each individual patient. How is this possible if it is not FDA approved?
  16. Kauai RN

    Administration of non approved FDA drugs

    Do you know where this is documented anywhere?