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  1. This is in response to sminiard's reply. Be cautious about how you THINK your colleagues will treat you. I had been an RN at my hosp for 6 yrs & my sis,who had the whipple, 14 yrs. I also thought we would be treated better", but not so. I was her...
  2. "Office Politics"

    Is it just in West Virginia, or is there alot of politics involved in your hospitals? I call it the GOB network (Good Ole Boys). They have recently "redesigned" our hosp, managers have 2-3 departments, no raises, etc. All this due to very poor spendi...
  3. Prospering Nurse

    I'm listening - talk to me!
  4. Definitely not! My sister, recently dx with pancreas cancer underwent whipple 01/05. I work in PACU & was fired over questioning my sister's care. She developed pulmonary edema which was not recognized by a 6 month RN & was taken to ICU &...