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  1. anna.molly

    travel nursing in los angeles

    i spent almost a whole year in LA last year, both at a kaiser and at cedars. the kaiser facility was west LA and i am an ICU nurse and it was AWFUL. tho if you talk to most people kaiser won't rank very highly in general. cedars was...well...not the best either. as far as living in LA i loved it. the weather was pretty much always beautiful and i was living in north hollywood so i was just far enough away. traffic there is truly unlike anything anywhere else. anytime between 8am and 830pm the 705 is 7 lanes of stopped traffic i am not even kidding. i lived 7 miles from work and it was easily 45 minutes to work, 1.5hrs home. once it took my friend 2 hrs to get to work from where we lived. it is ridiculous. as for the people, you will literally find every kind of person there. i'm very laid back as well and i met some of my closest friends while i was in LA. of course, they were both travelers, so...take that how you want it i see you said money wasn't an issue and that's good...'cause i barely made a dime! but it was an experience, and it'll look good on my resume, and i met some amazing people. so i wouldn't trade it for anything. guess from all the comments i'll have to be sure to hit up the north land before i hang up my travellin hat good luck!!!
  2. anna.molly

    quick "referral" request

    just curious if anyone has worked with clinical one in the past. they claim that they have "many" travel job positions in michigan but i'm a bit hesitant..mostly cause the job market there sucks right now and if it wasn't for 3 weddings this fall i wouldn't be moving back "home" until closer to the holidays. anyway, any input would be appreciated! thanks for reading
  3. anna.molly

    Any rn jobs in sw mi?

    fyi...i went to school in grand rapids, have been a nurse 5 years...but just be careful with spectrum. they have a history of not being very good to their nurses. i have many friends with bad experiences. i steer clear of them....if you want to work in grand rapids look at st mary's, metro, or mary free bed.