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  1. KUNursingStudent

    I am confused about my pursuit of becoming an RN?

    Everything in life takes time. Believe me if your ultimate goal is to become an RN, don't rush it. Don't think it will happen over night. Even if takes you 2 years, so what, you'll, hopefully, be getting all the learning experience you need to become a competent nurse. Your questions are very specific and/or detailed. Does not your school have a website with nursing page? Usually tons of information can be found there, if not, go in and speak with an advisor. Curriculum changes each year, they may require you to take a few more classes prior to nursing courses. Good luck!
  2. KUNursingStudent

    I really need some advice ASAP

    I'm sure she didn't mean to be calling him a "pig" per say but I was told many times as a child, by my mom, that my room looked like a pig lived in here! Act like a child, treated/scolded like a child.....#I'mjustsaying
  3. KUNursingStudent

    "Losing my license!"

    Nice attention-getter headline!!!
  4. KUNursingStudent

    Do you hate doctors?

    OP, there will ALWAYS be rude people. I worked in customer service all my life and I've been yelled at, screamed at, called names, but did it bother me? NOPE! Just deal with it, Ok so he may have been rude to ask for your other seat but were you still eating lunch when he asked? And when he asked for other seat what did you say? Learn to stand-up and speak up ...tell him, HELL NO!
  5. KUNursingStudent

    did the Dr. have a right to scold this nurse?

    OP, thanks for "looking out" for our/your nurses although could have really been a totally different conversation.
  6. KUNursingStudent

    Nursing now vs. then

    Personally as a nursing student, I think new graduate nurses still have some false expectation about the whole nursing career. It is hard work and dedication required. Fortunately, I have held many positions in my life where if I was 1 min late to work I was documented and if it happened more than 3 times a year, I would be out of a job, no excuses! Some are in for a rude awakening. More experienced nurses need to set better expectations and not every job is M-F!
  7. KUNursingStudent

    Med Surg Course

    Thank you! I did hear about this book!!!
  8. KUNursingStudent

    Got yelled at by MD today

    Tone of voice can carry a mix message, you just needed to get louder with him as well. Everything happens for a reason. At least you now have different options if you ever come across a similar situation. Oh by the way love the ..... "I am fine with some MD being jerks. I wrote up one when I was a new LPN for screaming his lungs out on the phone which I put in speaker phone so everyone in the unit heard him." That's classic!
  9. KUNursingStudent

    trouble pronoucing some medical words

    I've always found this website to be the best, by far! http://www.wisc-online.com/Objects/ViewObject.aspx?ID=GEN504 Hope it helps!
  10. KUNursingStudent

    Med Surg Course

    Thanks for all responses. I will look into each and decided from there. Appreciated! :up:
  11. KUNursingStudent

    Pharm, help!!!

  12. KUNursingStudent

    Med Surg Course

    ]Going into Med Surg :uhoh3:. Does anyone know of any supplemental books for Med Surg? I have Med Srug Demystified and I don't find that book helpful. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. :)
  13. KUNursingStudent

    IMPORTANT Pharm Question

    Flashcards! And take them with you even in the bathroom!
  14. KUNursingStudent

    If YOU were the patient, would you feel comfortable...

    Similar for hotels - you have NO idea what kind of person slept in the bed before you and people usually ALWAYS have sexual relations in bed too! But what can you do! Oy vey!
  15. KUNursingStudent

    I gave a back massage yesterday

    Part of my clinicals were at an LTC and after giving one of the pts a bed bathe she did express how nice it would be to get a massage - I like giving massages however even if I did wanted to, you need to be a LMT in my state, am not.