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  1. kerbearRN

    Need to find a nursing school near Camp Pendelton

    Two of the community colleges that are near there and offer nursing programs are Palomar (in San Marcos) and Mira Costa (in Oceanside). California State University San Marcos offers a BSN program. If you're willing to travel a bit farther, there are Mt. San Jacinto, Grossmont, SDSU, and Saddleback. Hope that helps :)
  2. kerbearRN

    How much time do you *really*spend studying?

    I would study maybe 3-4 hours the night before a test, but usually never more than that.
  3. kerbearRN

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    as ikaryuu stated, it would be nice to stick to the topic :). those wanting the nclex fact file, 9livesrn has kindly uploaded the file at this link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ndsho5k8xii4ni5
  4. kerbearRN

    Did you get anything?

    I got myself some scrubs (no more nursing school scrubs! :))
  5. kerbearRN

    Sample Resume and Cover letter for New grad

    Yes please! :)
  6. kerbearRN

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    For those requesting the random facts file, 9livesRN posted it in this thread: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-tackle-guide-501435.html
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  8. kerbearRN

    Just took the NCLEX

    Best of luck! :)
  9. kerbearRN

    Just received Nclex report

    Best of luck :)
  10. kerbearRN

    Free Ibooks - relevant to nursing (and exam prep too!)

    Thank you! :)
  11. kerbearRN

    Clinical Parking

    At a majority of my clinical sites, we would have to park at a satellite parking lot and catch the shuttle.
  12. kerbearRN

    Tips on surviving through nursing school

    Like I said in another thread, remember to take time out for yourself and that there is a life outside of nursing school :)
  13. The nursing program that California State University San Marcos has does not have a wait list. Instead they use a point system and students are ranked by the number of points they have.
  14. kerbearRN

    My most important tip for a nursing student is....

    Don't forget to take time out for yourself.
  15. kerbearRN

    What would you spend more money on?

    Definitely shoes--they make a world of difference. Your legs and back will thank you at the end of the day.