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  1. ivy tech a&p 101 online help!!

    I took this class online a year ago.... I would suggest going over your quizzes that are available on myaandp.com or whatever that site is lol. my final had word for word questions from those tests
  2. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    Did you get your books yet? I did today and am SO confused!! i got home and went over all the books that the lady gave me. I have books for the whole nursing program... and once I opened the box, I realized that I have duplicates.
  3. Job Interview!

  4. Fall 2010 Classes!!

    Fundamentals of Nursing " lab Medical Surgical Nursing I "lab Clinical Pharmacology 13 Credit Hours I'M SCARED LOL but super excited!!!!!!
  5. Lunch?

  6. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    Oh I know, I have everything but the books... just one more week. I'm in section A, you?
  7. Ivy Tech Fall 2010 ~ Fort Wayne

    Congratulations on getting into the program! I'm also starting in the fall. SO excited