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  1. mkmascare

    Genesys Regional Medical Center

    I'm a new grad and started orientation this month. So far it's really wonderful. The nurse educators are fantastic. I work in the ED and so far all the nurses are really nice and helpful.
  2. mkmascare

    New Grad/RN Program in California

    It's really tough in San Diego. I just moved from San Diego to Michigan and was thankfully able to get a hospital job in less than a month. A few of my nursing classmates moved out of CA as well, mostly to TX.
  3. mkmascare

    plz help me to prepare for rn interview?

    That's a really good point. Take a look at how the hospital is involved in the community or recent press releases.
  4. mkmascare

    plz help me to prepare for rn interview?

    Take a look at their mission statement and values. I was asked to pick one of their values and give an example of when I demonstrated/upheld that value at a previous job.
  5. mkmascare

    U of M or Genesys?

    Good luck with the interview! How long have you been looking before you got the interview?

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