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  1. mkmascare

    Why can't I get a job as a New RN Grad?

    My resume had a typo even after 2 ppl read over it. Take another look at your resume/coverletter.
  2. mkmascare

    Genesys Regional Medical Center

    Full time 8 hrs, starting at 27/hr. Also I didn't have any ER experience. I'm still in orientation but for the ER it's 12 weeks but b/c I'm a new grad it may be extended a couple weeks depending on how I'm progressing... Good luck with the interview.
  3. mkmascare

    Is it wrong...

    I know I'm guilty. I bet there's not one nurse out there that will work for free.
  4. mkmascare

    Please help...new to nursing!

    They are really raising the bar.
  5. mkmascare

    New grad 30 weeks pregnant and starting on L&D department

    Agreed. I thought the same thing when I read that post.
  6. mkmascare

    Genesys Regional Medical Center

    I'm a new grad and started orientation this month. So far it's really wonderful. The nurse educators are fantastic. I work in the ED and so far all the nurses are really nice and helpful.
  7. mkmascare

    New Grad/RN Program in California

    It's really tough in San Diego. I just moved from San Diego to Michigan and was thankfully able to get a hospital job in less than a month. A few of my nursing classmates moved out of CA as well, mostly to TX.
  8. mkmascare

    plz help me to prepare for rn interview?

    That's a really good point. Take a look at how the hospital is involved in the community or recent press releases.
  9. mkmascare

    plz help me to prepare for rn interview?

    Take a look at their mission statement and values. I was asked to pick one of their values and give an example of when I demonstrated/upheld that value at a previous job.
  10. mkmascare

    U of M or Genesys?

    Good luck with the interview! How long have you been looking before you got the interview?