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  1. PokerRN

    AF Reserve Flight Nurse

    Thanks for the info. Congratulations to you !!
  2. PokerRN


    Thanks for the response. Please, tell me if this is realistic. I'm going to do the AF Reserves. Is it possible to be an AES flight nurse that is also CCAT ? Or, is that too demanding ? Also, it doesn't matter where you drill, CCAT is something that any reserve nurse can do in addition to their job ? Please help me understand. I'd like to be able to make the right decision. What kindof reserve jobs do other CCAT nurses do ? Thanks for your input
  3. PokerRN


    Hi, Does anyone have any info. on CCAT ? What bases are the squadrons located ? How often do you do missions ? I, also, saw that the training is done at Lackland ? Please correct me if I'm wrong. My recruiter mentioned it to me, also. I'm an RN, CCRN with an ICU background and am kind of torn between AES and CCAT Reserves. I think AES, reserves, might be a nice change for me from the civilian world. Thanks.
  4. PokerRN

    AACN membership

    It will cancel. They will send you a reminder notice to renew, which you will have to do yourself.
  5. PokerRN

    AF Reserve Flight Nurse

    Hi, I have the same question. What exactly did you find out ? I'm an RN hoping to join AFR as a flight nurse. I passed my MEPS physical, and completed most of my class III flying physical. I have passed everything so far, just waiting on my physical exam with the flight MD during next UTA. After that, how long will it take for my package to be sent and get a commissioning date ? Also, how long for orders to report and COT school ? I appreciate anything you can give me. I hope to be sworn in by early next year, 2011.
  6. PokerRN

    Horror stories- MEPS

    No, same as Ash stated. Just medical stuff, nothing personal.
  7. PokerRN

    Horror stories- MEPS

    I just went to meps this week in SC. It was not bad. Do not be late. Show up at least 15 minutes early. Briefing started at 0530 and I was done with everything at 1100. You MUST wear a bra and underwear. No thongs or inappropriate underwear, because you will not get screened.They are really serious about that. One female almost got sent home because she came with a thong. Luckily, the officer was nice enough to give her some disposables. I'm sure everyone is not that nice. After briefing, you meet with your in line service. Then you take a pic and get fingerprinted. After that, you go into another briefing, get vital signs done and fill about paperwork. That took about an hour. Once that is completed, you have several stations to complete your day. You get a drug test, blood drawn, vision checked, hearing checked, and meet with physician. Then you will be in a room with other females in your bra and underwear and will get ht. and wt. done. then you will strip and cover up with a gown and meet with dr. again who will have you stand and check your feet, lay on table and do breast exam and visual pelvic exam. Lastly, you will do the other physical stuff in your bra and underwear such as duck walk, kicks, arm movements, and balancing. After that, you turn your paperwork in and you're done. It wasn't bad at all.
  8. PokerRN

    Commissioning and AF Sign-On Bonus

    what's different with the ccrn ? i obtained my ccrn earlier this year. i just went to meps and am waiting to do my flight physical. please fill me in on this. is it different from the sign on and loan repayment bonus ? thanks.