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  1. Pearson Quick Results

    I Passed with 78 questions, and the pvt does work for cali! This was my second time so I studied everything! Thanks for all your support!
  2. Pearson Quick Results

    I took my nclex this afternoon, and now just when I was checking the pearsonvue site it went down!!!! That was like two hours ago either for maintanence or something. My computer shut off 79 questions. So, I am stalking the website to see when it com...
  3. Nclex RN September/ October 2010 study athletes

    I have exam cram that I think will let me send to you if you give me your email I'll try. I have used it some but use kaplan and ati more. It is examcram cram master.
  4. Nclex RN September/ October 2010 study athletes

    I take my test this saturday, My score on predictor is 80 but ati requires higher. I really really do not want to reschedule but may have to because ati can't give me a "green Light" that I will pass but they did say I have an 8 in 10 chance and that...
  5. Nclex RN September/ October 2010 study athletes

    ishi....vati is an online virtual instructor. But, they only check in once a day for posting and question of day answers.
  6. Nclex RN September/ October 2010 study athletes

    I have been doing vati since I failed first time july 8th. So finally my scores are up but still not to their level!!!
  7. September test takers

    How did you do?
  8. September test takers

    I took my ati predictor today and scored 60 after studying since i did not pass i July! This gives me an 80% to pass. I also have Kaplan and have redone the first two trainers with a 72 for 1 and 59 for 2. That was depressing! I have about two more w...
  9. September test takers

    I started studying the day that pvt took me to cc page. I had to tell all that I did not pass but everyone is supportive. I have studied all over the place. I bought lots of books because I was so unsure of what to study. I contacted my school becaus...
  10. September test takers

    Go to the pearson vue site and try and reregister. The PVT trick. It works. If it takes you to credit card page then you did not pass. I also live in Ca. and took my test came right home and did this trick and went to credit card page. Exactly two we...
  11. September test takers

    Can I please get a copy. I very much appreciate and need help.
  12. September test takers

    Hi, scheduled for September 16th. for the second try. I just feel like my studing is all over the place. I have so many different books and kaplan review and vati. I have studied so much that I was thinking I was better and took Kaplan trainer 2 and ...
  13. I did not get copy?? HELP
  14. my email is Than You
  15. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Hi, can someone please send me file... Thank You in advance :) Random Fact-Anthrax give Cipro and with Cipro do not take antacids