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  1. JjoBsn

    Quitting staff job to travel

    Does anyone know about the traveling need for NICU nurses?
  2. JjoBsn


    I was just talking about this topic the other day! None of the NICUs I've worked at have done it but I think doing so would work wonders for their little guts, especially the ones at higher risk for NEC.
  3. JjoBsn

    One year in, need advice!

    West Coast: UCLA's Level III/ IV NICU is top notch East Coast: Georgetown University Hospital-level III NICU or try the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) All three are awesome teaching hospitals. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
  4. JjoBsn

    First time traveler. Looking for travel buddies.

    So glad I found this thread! I'm a 25 y/o F and I'm looking for my second travel assignment. I have 2 years experience in the ICU and have only traveled in NJ thus far. For my next assignment I might be going with a different agency. Can you guys/ladies please share which agencies have been your favorite to travel with? Thanks & good luck with your assignments!
  5. JjoBsn

    UCSF NNP Program

    Hi, How far did you get with obtaining info about this program and/or applying? I'm interested in applying too for Spring 2012 or summer 2012. Please let me know, thanks!
  6. JjoBsn

    Aureus Medical

    Hi jlynn, Sorry to hear about the difficult time you had :-( Are you still working with Aureus? If so, how are they now in 2011? And I'm also on the east coast. I'm thinking about assignments in DC, NY, or Miami. Have they gotten better with east coast contracts/ assignments? Thanks for any advice you can offer. I'm thinking of joining Aureus...
  7. JjoBsn

    Thoughts on this travel company???

    Hi EmergencyNurse, Would you be willing to share with me what travel company you work with and how they match up to others? Thanks-- you can PM me on here. -Jjo
  8. JjoBsn

    Need help to convince parents!

    Go straight into the 4 year BSN program. Do not go for your ADN first. Many of the ADN nurses I work with wish they had done the BSN route in the first place.
  9. JjoBsn

    Preceptor Gift Ideas

    Hello all, I am a recent new grad and I am nearing the end of my orientation on my unit. Any ideas of what kind of gifts I should get for my 2 main preceptors? Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated :-)
  10. JjoBsn

    Cool PRN Job ideas

    When I lived in LA, I worked as a "set nurse" on photo-shoots/ movie productions etc. Super super easy & fun! Kinda hard to do that elsewhere though...unless you live in LA or possibly NYC? I was just there to make sure the infant models (I'm a Nicu RN) were not harmed/injured or overworked in any way during production and filming.
  11. JjoBsn

    Todays Most annoying pt award goes to....

    And this my friends, is why I stick to NICU. Anyone over the age of 1 month I just cannot handle, lol. But thanks for the chuckle. Best of luck on your next shift.
  12. JjoBsn

    Need Help Coming up with an Excuse!!

    Wow she came here for advice and you all berated her. I would say try your hardest to reschedule the interview. Maybe you can go right after work or on your next day off? Because you would still need some time to change into professional clothing and gather your thoughts b4 walking in to the interview. The interviewer would be more flexible about rescheduling than your current employer would be about you coming back from lunch late.. Since you've only been at the new facility for 2 weeks, it wouldn't look so good to already be returning late and/or having any 'issues.' (Trust me, been there done that). And do you have to quit your current position if you get hired? Could you just work at both? Or do per diem at one & full time at the other? Best of luck to you and ignore all the haters. I think they're just jealous that in this bad economy you managed to get 2 (potential) job offers. Do what makes you happy & let us know how it works out :-)
  13. JjoBsn

    Need Advice About Job Searching.. HELP

    I had a similar situation happen to me. I had to leave one job after only a few months of experience there. I did have a hard time securing another job since i had such little experience, but in the end everything worked out! So it is possible to get hired elsewhere after your traumatic experience. If you like, you can PM me for some advice. Congrats on passing & keep your head up!:heartbeat
  14. JjoBsn

    Resume for RN With One Year of Med/Surg Experience

    MissiniaRN (OP) how did things work out for you? Were u able to find a non-hospital position? Anyone else?
  15. JjoBsn

    What are the reasons nurses leave the NICU?

    Thank you all for your input!