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  1. Thanks. ^^ I spoke with two counselors and they said that they should be able to transfer also. The thing that I'm worried about is whether I have a chance or not. They didn't tell me how competitive it was, I knew I should've asked. But I'm so worried. XD
  2. Hi, I'm new here and I just transferred from California because my family wanted to relocate. XD Anway, I got a B in Human Anatomy (hoping to be counted as A &P I), a C in Physiology(A &P II), and another C in Micro >.
  3. SCJavier

    TCC's Nursing Program (Virginia Beach area)

    Thanks for the link. I'm going to try for those other schools. ^^ I hope at least one will accept me. >.
  4. SCJavier

    TCC's Nursing Program (Virginia Beach area)

    Thank you for all of your suggestions. ^^ I've been looking at their websites, and am considering applying for some of them. I wish you the best and good luck! By the way, would you happen to know any schools that offer an LPN program around the Virginia Beach area? Thank you again. :)
  5. Hello. I'm new on this site, and I find it to be very helpful and inspiring. Anyway, I just need some advice from fellow students. I'm from California. I attended San Joaquin Delta College, and took my prerequisites there: Human Anatomy, Physiology, Micro, Nutrition, and other general eds. Also, I got an A in Eng 01A (which is considered to be Eng Compositon I in TCC), and an A in Eng 1D (Eng Comp II). However, my family relocated to Virginia. One of our relatives mentioned TCC. I applied, and got accepted, but I'm still waiting for my prerequisites to be evaluated. I have spoken with a counselor at TCC, who said I will be able to apply for their nursing program in the Fall. I've had a B in anatomy, a C in Micro, and a C in Physiology. I know that the program is competitive, but do I still have a chance? Also, how is the program? What others schools would you recommend? I also heard about the Sentara's school of nursing. I've already did some research, and I found threads that talked about their RN program, which I assume to be an ADN program. However, when I looked on Sentara's official website, I saw that they only have the RN to BSN program. So, I'm assuming they don't offer the ADN program anymore? I'm also considering to become a CNA, since I don't feel too good about my grades to be accepted to a Nursing program. Should I become a CNA, apply to other schools? I really want to become a nurse, but with so many requirements, I feel so lost. I'm not looking for an easy out, just different ways to complete my goals if I get rejected. For those threads that talked about never giving up, thanks so much for inspiring me!