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  1. smcclain7

    CNM in North Carolina?

    You can also go to ACNM's website to find more about state specific midwifery info. I know the Frontier School has more students there now than they use to, so i hope that means midwifery is making a name for itself in that state.
  2. smcclain7

    Why CNM?

    Klone is right....it is about the model of care (midwifery vs medical). Midwives believe birth is a normal process, not a condition that always requires hospitalization or intervention. Midwives have more training in attending normal, low-intervention births. OBs are trained in specialized areas such as surgery, most don't see many natural births during their training either. Midwives "catch" babies. OBs "deliver" babies. :) I highly suggest that you take the opportunity to shadow both types of professionals to really "see" (feel) the difference.
  3. smcclain7

    Can FNP's deliver babies?

    There are post-masters programs available to become a CNM, which I believe is the only way you can catch babies. Frontier has an online post-masters program.
  4. Nursingmeatball, I am wondering if you already received answers to these questions, but here goes... It is my understanding you can apply in anticipation of graduating by the time you are ready to begin Frontier's program. You can't test out of stats, but you can take it at another institution...just call the school and they will talk you through that if you need to! What email are you using to contact them? That is weird...maybe you should just call the number or email them from their home page.... Good luck! Hope you get all of the info you need to make a great decision!

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