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  1. Hesi Exit Test

    Hi Duc8ti Im having the same problem .. Im taking V5 next week.. If you any tips on V5 it would help a lot. Im currently doing Saunders questions and Nclex 4000. They said the more questions you do the better you will get at it. There is also a web...
  2. Hesi Exit Test

    Hi Eksk, I dont have access for PM either Im also new to this.. whats ur email address?
  3. Hesi Exit Test

    Thank you soo much!! will do :)
  4. Hesi Exit Test

    Got it thanks soo much!! you could count on me :) .. I cant send private messages because I don't have enough postings lol
  5. Hesi Exit Test

    I don't have it.. how could I get the online package?
  6. Hesi Exit Test

    Thanks mystic for the info... Unfortunately my school won't let me take the Nclex until I pass the hesi. Hesi is an unfair test. This is my fifth time taking it and my scores are going up and down very frustrating :-(
  7. Hesi Exit Test

    I just took version 4 this week and 3 not too long ago so I could help you out.. Hesi is driving me crazy!!
  8. Hesi Exit Test

    Does anyone have tips on Hesi RN exit Version 5?.. I just took V-4 and it was brutal. Hesi is really frustrating me. :-(