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  1. tmarti09

    TWU FNP FALL 2017

    No but I applied in April so I think there's some more waiting for me. When did you apply?
  2. tmarti09

    TWU FNP Fall 2017 Dallas

    Okay thanks so about a month. I'm hoping I hear by the end of May : ) thank you!
  3. tmarti09

    TWU FNP Fall 2017 Dallas

    When did you apply?
  4. tmarti09

    TWU FNP FALL 2017

    When did you find out ?
  5. tmarti09

    TWU FNP Fall 2017 Dallas

    Hey everyone, Has anyone applied and heard back from TWU Dallas for FNP Fall 2017? I applied on the later side. I randomly sold my house, landed a job, and decided to move in a two week span. I am currently in an FNP program here at home and would be devastated if I do not get in. The wait is torture so I am just curious if anyone knows they are in yet and how long it took them to hear back. Tara
  6. tmarti09

    TWU FNP FALL 2017

    I applied for Dallas, but just on 4/12. I am waiting it out now. I am relocating and am currently in a program and would be devastated if I cannot continue. Has anyone else heard anything?
  7. tmarti09

    Are nursing grads still having a hard time finding jobs?

    Don't be in awe... I just graduated from a BSN program in May... and same with me just about my whole class has jobs! like 96%.... and were working all over... NYC (NYU Critical Care, Oncology, Med Surg, Presby OB, Montefiore Peds Onco) Jersey (in a whole plethora of places), CT (Stamford, Yale, etc), Washington DC (Georgetown (Speciality Surgery, Peds Transplant Unit Children's NICU), CA UCLA (SICU) Philadelphia (Hosp of Univ of PA on OB/LD CHOP PICU)... the list goes on... none of us settled were working in some of the best hospitals across the country in some of the most exciting places to live across the country and were all on specialty units!
  8. Is it me or did you forget that you have to pass the NCLEX-PN to practice as an LPN... and I have no clue why you are delaying the process for that long! It seems absurd!
  9. tmarti09

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    i took the nclex on the 25th... and i felt the exact same way! number one omg! it just shut off at 75 questions and then later in the day and by later i mean like 30 minutes... i guessed on a lot of those... i can't even believe i did not know one medication on the whole exam! did i really have to get sata because i always get those wrong on kaplan... and holy **** prioritization and delegation questions cannot be above passing standard aren't they just straight knowledge! i began to freak out! i had heard my clinical partner of three years speak of this trick... so i thought what the hell i have nothing to lose. i got the good pop up and then thought to myself... omg! i am going to be the first person to prove this wrong... well needless to say having guessed a lot, i found out i passed... i am not going to refer this to everyone i know because i see it works! so relax even though it feels like the worse test ever... you still passed!
  10. tmarti09

    repeat pass rate lower than first time test takers

    Well at least in my area associate programs are known to have a higher success rate... most of them boast a 100 percent pass rate year after year.
  11. tmarti09

    Living in total poverty I need a job

    Ive heard the top three states looking for nurses are TX Ohio and Alabama. But its not impossible to get a job. I recently got my dream job in NYC where everyone wants to work. and I landed the job before I even graduated!
  12. tmarti09

    Pay and hours during orientation??

    I just graduated in May and passed my board ... but I was offered a job and begin orientation on August 2nd. My orientation is full time with my base pay... and I received the schedule for it before I even passed my boards.
  13. tmarti09

    Immunization Schedule

    if this is your only weakness; then honestly i wouldnt break my head over it. I never learned it and I passed the test. I honestly believe if this is the only thing you do not know you will pass.
  14. tmarti09

    Getting your nclex results.Question

    So; I just wanted to write back on this post because I personally went insane for fourty eight hours... thank god I have the option to get quick results. I took the test on Friday June 25th and didn't sleep or want to eat anything... even with the PVT I was a little skeptical. However, I received the good pop up and I found out yesterday 24 hours later I passed. I Know I read this... but now I think you can believe it works. I wouldn't fret stressing I 100 hundred percent will be totally SHOCKED if you didnt PASS after seeing it work for myself!
  15. tmarti09

    waiting on this score.

    I passed : ) did you?
  16. tmarti09

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I have not heard that quick results has to do with anything. Many people from CA due to the amount of time they torture you guys which I believe is cruel and unusual punishment... have stated that they utilized the PVT and it has held to be accurate... Many of them accredit it to the only way they dealt with the six weeks of waiting.