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Dawn Gloves specializes in med/surg.

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  1. Pressing charges on a psych patient?

    I hear you loud and clear! I am looking at a bite mark on my forearm with a huge bruise around it from a geriatric psych patient. It is my understanding that because they are on a mental health unit, charges cannot be laid. (This is from a police o...
  2. Nurses with depression

    It's so great that you were strong enough to put up this post. I have felt less than great dealing with depression and just entering the nursing field. I don't know if my employers need to know I have suffered in the past and am currently on meds. ...
  3. CPNRE may 2010

    I so hope I get mine in the mail tomorrow!
  4. 7 yo with Schizophrenia on Oprah

    I watched this show and was amazed at the parents and their dedication. The State told them to have her admitted to an institution and they could see her yearly. They told them she's their daughter, they love her and would never consider institutio...
  5. CPNRE may 2010

    they were mailed yesterday - I can't wait to get mine! Good luck everyone