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    I'm curious...when one applies for a job as a new grad from any school.... let's assume for the moment you have your license because you passed your state boards...do you put what school you attended on your resume or simply that you are "licensed" and the clinical experience gained at X institution? Does HR at any potential hospital, clinic, nursing home etc, ask to see your transcripts or your license? Does you license state where you graduated from? I'm in Illinois and want to know not for nursing, but for the Sanford Brown's Diagnostic Medical Sonography certificate program for which I've been told, once completed, I am eligble to take the appropriate licensing exam thus becoming a licensed diagnostic medical sonographer. I have an associate of science degree from an accredited junior college. The reason SOME of us apply to programs such as the ones Sanford Brown offers is because of the overwhelming number of applicants at other junior colleges. 600 applicants for an 12-18 seat semester start makes odds of getting into the cheaper colleges slim even with perfect gpa's. I'm 42 and don't have a 100 years to finally get in. I have a 4.0 gpa with transcripts to prove it, so it's NOT always because the other students on here don't have the necessary gpa's to gain entry. That is not correct thinking nor is that a fair statement. All of the courses I took to obtain my associate in science will transfer to any 4 year institution and exceed requirements for an associate of applied science RN degree. I had to have calculus and statistics to graduate with an associate of science. It's also my understanding that most of the Bachelors and Master's programs at many 4 year institutions are online based and are for licensed nurses, so finding one to accept your transfer credit should not be too hard. Actually, the gen eds required for the nursing program entry are not that cumbersome and would be required for any degree program, so if you have to take them to bridge to a BSN or MSN, so be it. Maybe for Sanford Brown propspects, taking the gen ed at an accredited Junior college first and then doing the program would be best since you then won't have to re-take any gen eds at the bachelors and masters level. Do you have to repeat the nursing courses such as fundamentals of nursing? If that were the case, I would not recommend going through the Sanford Brown program.

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