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    MSJC or RCC?

    You are very welcome! Please let me know if you have any more questions. Glad to help a future nurse! -Gjones06
  2. gjones06

    New Grad ICU Interview

    Thank you very much! This website has helped me prepare for an interview and land the job! Now I am a full-time ICU nurse!
  3. gjones06

    MSJC or RCC?

    go rcc!:nmbrn:
  4. gjones06

    MSJC or RCC?

    never heard of mt. san jacinto's nursing program but i just graduated from riverside city college adn program. if you decide on rcc: first of all, you must have a really good gpa and their program is based on points so the better your gpa is the better chance you have of getting into their program. also, i recommend taking a cna course (worth 5 points) and if you live in the riverside district then you take priority. : ) nice! rcc's program: i lovve this school! the program is very very challenging and the instructors want you to succeed. the material is updated and their lectures are taught in different learning styles. you will find very few instructors that can be a little mean but as long as you’re a strong student in lecture and clinical then you will be fine. : ) once you're in, ask plenty of questions but try and find the answers before you ask. there were 100 nursing students at the beginning of my 1st semester then two years later there were 96 nursing students who passed the adn progam. about their technology: they are opening a new nursing building said to soon have a meditation room???who in the hell has that?? rcc! your probably thinking "meditate?" but trust me...you will most likely need to meditate during nursing school...it's very stressful! they have a computer lab filled with nursing programs and they have a clinical skills study room where you can practice or brush up on your skills one-on-one with a rn. in the library, they have 2-hr study rooms or you can study outdoors on the college campus. : ) oh, they also have a sim's lab where they have human patient simulators where students can make an appointment with a nursing instructor and you can practice on a patient who may go through shock or sepsis etc.. rcc's nclex passing rates: very few students fail the adn program and their nclex passing rate are in the mid 90's. i took nclex 1 month later and passed the first time. i have a job at a local hospital and it's all thanks to rcc. hope you find the right nursing school that fits you and wish you the best in your future nursing career!!
  5. Hi. I am going to RCC and I am in the nursing program. I'm half way through with the program and I love it so far. I wanted to answer part of your question you asked a while ago. I would say having a part-time job would be okay if you don't have any kids or a husband because most of your time will be spent studying, studying, and studying. Most of my nursing class have a full-time job because they have to support their family and some single students are working part-time jobs. My suggesttion to you is to get through your first semester of nursing school then you will get the feel of whether or not you can handle school and work. Also, once you pass your first semester you get a nursing assistant certificate and you can actually work as a CNA. Loma Linda Hosp. hires students with a certificate but some other hosptials in the riverside area do not. Hope this helps. Good luck with your future nursing career! -Gjones