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  1. kb_1990

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    I started at that rate with that company. I came from 2 previous companies that paid $21 & $25.50.
  2. kb_1990

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    $32.68 in Sacramento, CA
  3. I'm currently a LVN student at western career college. I would recommend the program if you're looking for a way to get in and out of school real fast. As far as the training, I think they teach you what you need to know and to pass the nclex. You can take anatomy & physiology, nutrition, and growth and development at a community college so that in term one you'll only have one class. And you'll save about 6,000 dollars. The teachers... well some are not very reliable or smart, but there are some that you can learn so much from. It really depends. I quit my job before I started the program, which I regret. You will definitely be able to work during first term, but maybe not second. The workload is a lot heavier in term 2. The schedule during term 1 really depends if you will be taking the prerequisites. If so, you will have lab on a Monday, Prerequisites on Tuesday and Wednesday until 3:30 or 4:30, Thursday and Friday clinicals. Right now in Term 2, I am in class until 430 everyday. The credits do not transfer to JC. However, your JC credits transfer to Western. Confusing. Hope that helps