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  1. edeilo

    Mercy College of Health Sciences - Des Moines

    Well, thank you for your thoughts. You are a bit late though, seeing as I start at the beginning of the month. Tuition is not a problem at all. I have been going to Grinnell College the past two years (over $35,000 after tax). I hope I have better luck than you did. I know a few people that went there and loved it, so we will see which way it goes for me. I am done with changing schools (this is #3 in three years). Thank you for sharing, though.
  2. New poster hear and excited to be joining! Is anyone going (or has anyone gone) to Mercy College of Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA? I am starting this fall and wanted to see if anyone had tips? Professors to stay away from? Or just hear experiences with the school / get to know some people. I went to Wooster for a year and Grinnell College, but decided it wasn't for me-so I do have two years college experience. This will be my first time living in Des Moines though. I will be starting with the CNA course this fall, along with liberal arts courses, then nursing in the spring (Bachelor's Integrated Program). Thanks!