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  1. Hesi Exit Test

    dakota09 I really could use some info please help. Im testing this tuesday.
  2. Hesi Exit Test

    Dakota09. Please help me. I would like info on V-4 and V-5. Anything will help me at this point. PUH-LEEZE!!!!!! I just want to get out of nursing school. :-(. Sammy email me at
  3. Hesi Exit Test

    Hey i really could use some help with hesi v4 or v5. please help
  4. HESI version 3

    Yeah I think we all need help with those versions. How do you get to PM?? :redbeathe
  5. HESI version 3

    Hi itsme, what school do you go to? Have u taken V-3
  6. HESI version 3

    Hi, Guys... Like some of you I am having a tough time too. I am taking hesi for the third time in a few weeks. I think we will get version 4. Im so scared. Im not sure what to do. Everytime I think about the test, I get chest pain. I seriously need a...