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  1. AppleInBrooklyn

    Pensacola State College LPN-RN

    Hello! Starting the LPN-RN career mobility program at Pensacola State College on 5/17/2016. Anyone else currently in this program or starting with me? I have been an LPN for approx. 5 years and am nervous about being a nursing student again! Finally purchased my books and uniforms this week so its becoming very real!
  2. AppleInBrooklyn

    A few questions about being a Navy Nurse?

    The Navy will only know what you tell them. They do not have access to those records and will never know unless you put it on paper or tell them. (My husband is in the Navy and was a recruiter for three years. I'm prior Army.)
  3. AppleInBrooklyn

    Hawaii Pacific Health

    I have recently applied to several LPN positions at Hawaii Pacific Health. They contacted me and requested that I come in for "skills testing". Has anyone gone through this? Lol, I'm having flashbacks to nursing school and kinda nervous.
  4. AppleInBrooklyn


    I am an LPN currently in Tampa, FL with less than a year experience. My husband is possible getting orders to transfer to Norfolk naval base. I was just wondering if the hospitals in the area hire LPN's? And the average pay for an LPN (hospital, LTC, ALF, doctors office, etc)? If anyone can help with information then that would be great :) Thanks!
  5. AppleInBrooklyn

    Erwin is making me crazy.

    That sucks! I'm going to Manatee Tech in Bradenton and its not too bad. I've been in LTC's mostly but we are starting to get into hospitals. Its been instructors preference too... I'm actually going to MTI because I had heard negative things about Erwin sorry! Hopefully you are close to graduation and won't have to deal with it much longer!
  6. AppleInBrooklyn

    Starting LPN program Fall 2011, need help

    I wouldn't bother taking an actual class for A&P and med terms because it will be included in the LPN course but if you can get a headstart on learning terms and basic A&P (on your own), you will have an advantage. I'm about 2 months into my LPN program and I am overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at us.
  7. AppleInBrooklyn

    Starting LPN program Fall 2011, need help

    Definitely start studying your A&P and maybe find out what Medical Terminology book that you will be using and start learning the medical terms (there are sooooo many!)... Also, maybe start practicing head to toe physical assessments now (you can find videos online) with family members or friends, just so you can get used to it. I hope this helps!
  8. AppleInBrooklyn

    For those who have taken the NCLEX-PN

    What study guides/books did you find the most helpful in preparing you for your boards?
  9. AppleInBrooklyn


    Well, I am a month into LPN school and I love it so far! I have completed the health core course and articulated nursing (basically the CNA course). Now I am in Level 1 Nursing and we are starting clinicals tomorrow!!! I am really nervous but I think I will be okay :) Good luck to everyone who is just starting their program!
  10. AppleInBrooklyn


    I'm attending Manatee Technical Institute in Bradenton, FL. Orientation was today and I'm so ready for class to start on Monday!
  11. AppleInBrooklyn


    So, tomorrow morning I will be completing official registration for LPN school! That means getting books, scrubs, ID, ect. I am so excited! Class starts one week from today. I know the next 11 months are going to be tough but it will be so worth it in the end :) anyone else starting school this month?
  12. AppleInBrooklyn


    Anybody on here starting the LPN program at Manatee Technical Institute in July? I am! Can't wait!!!
  13. AppleInBrooklyn

    Tampa LPN Training

    I was just accepted to the LPN program at Manatee Technical Institute in Bradenton. I live on the outskirts of Tampa, close to 75, so the drive isn't bad for me. Personally, I prefer it then having to deal with morning traffic heading into Tampa. There isn't a waiting list and they have a new LPN program starting everying 3-4 months. Tuition and all of the extra fees add up to about 5500 which is a little more expensive than Erwin but you don't have to deal with the waiting list. I haven't started classes yet but all of the advisory staff has been very pleasant and helpful. I hope this helps! Good luck in your school search :) BTW - Pasco-Hernando Community College, Sarasota Tech, Brewster Tech, and Aparicio-Levy Tech -- they all have LPN programs and they are all in the Tampa area.
  14. AppleInBrooklyn

    ***CLASS OF 2011***

    Congrats everyone! I just found out I was accepted to the LPN program at Manatee Technical Institute in Bradenton, FL. Class begins July 19 and I will graduate in June 2011! I am so very excited!