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    Rudeness in the Workplace

    One of our MDs from a private practice yelled at me in front of at least 10-15 people that were coming and going through the nurses station. Talking about unit secretaries, MDs, RNs, CNAs, etc because the IV antibiotic that I hanged did not go through when it should have. I plead guilty for neglecting to check and make sure the meds infused when it should have, BUT MD could have put me aside in private and cuss me out till I melt. I can take loosing my license because I was definitely in the wrong, but public humiliation was just unbearable. Can MDs get away with treating me this way? I have only been in practice for a year and felt so vulnerable. I spoke to my clinical supervisor about the whole incident and cried my eyes out about how upset I still am for the way that MD humiliated me. I am now looking for another job, hopefully not a RN position.

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