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68wildcat has 10 years experience and specializes in geriatrics.

I have been in the nursing field for about 10 years (late bloomer) and I love what I do.

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  1. Staff acting like mean girls what do you do

    @Ginger45; That is just awful to have to deal with that. And you're right! This is supposed to be a team. To have the best patient care we must always work as a team. The stronger the team usually the better outcome for our patients/residents. Not t...
  2. Staff acting like mean girls what do you do

  3. Staff acting like mean girls what do you do

    Thanks Pedicurn and all others for your kind words. I will miss much in the nursing profession, there has been more good than bad, and I will leave with fond memories. It would take pages upon pages for me to tell you of all the wonderful nurses I ha...
  4. Staff acting like mean girls what do you do

    Lots of good read here, but what do I do about a supervisor R.N who just doesn't like me? I have been in this job for 6 yrs. and she just 'came on board' about 6 months ago. My first words to her were, 'Welcome' and we seemed to be getting along ok. ...
  5. Time Management Suggestions...

    Like the nurses here, I too must time manage as a caregiver, and for the newbies, all I can say is it will happen. You will learn to 'fly' through your shift and be able to manage your time successfully, meaning you got everything done! Multi-tasking...
  6. monitoring patient...

    Don't let it get to you, learn from it. And let the charge nurse know you are thankful she pointed this out to you, and you appreciate her concerns. By doing this you are showing maturity and respect to her, which is NOT 'kissing-up' but quite the op...
  7. Makes me so angry!

    Misleading and what's up with the age thing? Women only?! This ad should read, 'Nurses desparately needed. Apply now! We will pay you what you deserve! $125,000 per year to start.( if you work a lot of overtime and holidays) Ha ha we're kidding, you ...
  8. LOL excellent response!
  9. LTC - when residents deteriorate

    Where I work we don't need 'permission' to give care to someone who is designated 'independent'. We do however relate this info back to the nurses so their care plans can be updated. And this part is very important because unless it's in the care pla...
  10. Daddy Put In Bye-Bye Box

    Aww this made my eyes water, and that lump in the throat thing too.
  11. Unsafe work environment

    OMG! Get out of there as quick as you can...before something really bad happens to you! And I thought I had it bad! We have a night supervisor that sleeps 3 out of 8 hrs. she is there. I work in a long term care home- 60 people. She will not assist ...
  12. How to handle inappropriate comments

    camaronurse that was totally funny! I laughed out loud when I read that last paragraph! OMG that was funny! I must remember that one.
  13. Why are some nurses so rude to students?

    This happens everywhere, at least from what I have seen in my many years in nursing. Although I am only a personal support worker, we too get student psw's and some staff here treat them awful! I like to make newcomers feel welcome and am eager to sh...
  14. Grey's Anatomy Scrubs for cheap?

    Up here in Canada we have a hard time getting anything that isn't starchy stiff and itchy. One of the nurses at work showed up one day with some Grey'sAnatomy scrubs on and wow! They were soft and flattering and looked very comfortable to wear. Where...