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  1. Ligrl7

    NYU Nurse Residency Program

    Hey, Thanks!! I sent my Cover letter and resume through email and I also sent my Resume, Cover Letter, Unofficial transcript and 2 letters of recommendation by mail as well. I waited about a week later after I sent my things in and then I contacted them. I left a message with a secretary and they emailed me shortly within the week. Good luck to you!
  2. Ligrl7

    NYU Nurse Residency Program

    dtsweetie, I did have a 3.5 gpa but I do know that many people have been hired without that gpa. I think they put that up there so that many people won't apply..it also says with no C in science and in nursing classes, and I definitely got a C freshman year.
  3. Ligrl7

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    So a couple of my friends had interviews there this week. I really dont think that the application is going to go up. I believe you have to contact the Nurse Recruiter yourself and try to set something up. I know that the Fellowship starts September 27. I think there are limited positions so they are not really advertising it like that.
  4. Ligrl7

    Nurse residency programs?

    What do you mean by this statement? When you are in the Nurse Residency Program you are already hired at the hospital. Like the person above me said..its a way to orient the new grads to the hospital and it is a transition from student to nurse professional.Its a tailored orientation with support and mentors in certain places. Some programs you have to do a project at the end and they usually last about one year. I start a residency program in September. I can't tell you how it is but I like the idea of it because I am not being thrown in there and will have support and mentorship as a new grad. Definitely look more into it and research so you know if you want to do it or not. Good luck!!
  5. Ligrl7

    In need of motivation

    I feel he exact same way!! I do some questions here and there but I have not been really able to focus! I think that once i get my ATT and know my exact date, it will help me buckle down and study. I think it is just the summer and I am naturally just lazy haha. Good luck to you!!
  6. Ligrl7

    NYU Nurse Residency Program

    Hey all, I am new to this site and I was wondering if anyone was in the NYU Nurse Residency program already or will be starting there soon. I start there in September and wanted some information on how the Nurse residency was and how working at NYU was overall! Thanks!!
  7. Ligrl7

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    Hey, I did my last clinical rotation at North Shore and was told that there would be a Fellowship for September..as to when they will put up the application online..i have no idea!! I was offered another job and had to take it because I could not wait for them to put up the App. Good luck to you!! :)