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enjoy spending time with my kids (16, 14, 12, 10 and 3), looking forward to the challenge of nursing school

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  1. Smith.C74

    Backstabbing/Gossip in Nursing School

    If there's gossip amongst my classmates, I don't hear it. I read somewhere that the friends you make during nursing school may not necessarily be friends afterwawrds. I study much better by myself. There's only one other person in my class that I have anything to do with outside of class anyways. We're both on the Honour Roll/Dean's list and have no problem helping each other out with the material, whether it's just verifying what's on a test, getting notes from a missed class or filling in the odd blank as a result of cranial flatulance. As a result of several negative past experiences, I keep personal information ujnder a proverbial lock and key. Like others hae said, keep your eye on the prize. Remind yourself why you're going through nursing school and all of the chalenges it presents. You will get to your graduation.
  2. Smith.C74

    Tips for getting organized?

    I would live by getting by books ready the night before. Comes in really handy when you are running late. The way my schedule was laid out, I was able to have a binder for each day. I'd carry only the material with me since the last test. After the tests, I'd take the notes out and put them into individual binders, one for each class. A decent sized calendar was also a huge help. I could see at a glance what tests and assignments were due, which shift I had for clinical and the like. Good luck. With a little trial and error, you can find what works for you.
  3. Smith.C74

    What do I need for nursing school?

    A calendar that's a decent size to keep you organized. I bought a blank one that was actually a desk pad. I wrote the dates of upcomming assignments, tests and my clinical schedule on it so I could plan my studying accordingly. I found it a huge help. (I also ditto what others have said.)
  4. I've had to wear glasses since I was 5. I remember the pairs that I had with the glass lenses. I was really thankful when plastic lenses were invented! I too need to get my eyes checked and look at getting myself some new glasses.
  5. Smith.C74

    I just ordered a Zuca bag for school

    They are kind of neat, but expensive. My daughters are in figure skating and some of the other skaters use them. I like the seat built in to the top of them.
  6. Smith.C74

    Going to Nursing School at an Older Age

    If being a nurse is what you want to do, then go for it. Unless there's a rule that says you have to retire at a certain age, then the only limit on how long you'll be nursing is you.
  7. Smith.C74

    Negative Attitudes Towards RPN's

    My appologies if I didn't clarify what I meant. Some of the students currently taking the practical nursing programs are doing so because they were pushed into it by a career counsellor or other professional to get them back to work and the program is one than many know is covered under the Second Career program in Ontario. Nursing isn't a field they're suited to, but they may have felt like they weren't given a choice to do something else. The individuals that were pushed into the program when they'd rather take something else are the ones I meant didn't belong in the program. They don't have the desire to work in the field and took the spot of someone who has been working for years trying to get in but there isn't the space. I agree that we may have differing reasons of why people shouldn't be in the program. However, that doesn't mean that either reason does not have a valid rationalle.
  8. Smith.C74

    Im scared.............

    Don't put the cart before the horse. I start my practical nursing program this fall and haven't even looked at anything like that. Give your self time. Take things one step at a time. Focus on doing well with your prerequisites. Once they're out of the way and you're in nursing school, it will come. Relax, take a deep breath, and work on one step of your goal at a time.
  9. Smith.C74

    Negative Attitudes Towards RPN's

    Some of the students in the practical nursing program right now are in it for the wrong reasons, and not just for the money. When my husband was laid off, he was working with a career counsellor trying to navigate the channels for Second Career and she was trying to push him towards taking Practical nursing because she knew it was covered but he wanted to get into something computer oriented. I've been trying to get into a practical nursing program for the last 2 years or more and couldn't get in until this past spring. Definitely, there are people in the program that don't belong there. I've commented to others about the discord between the levels of nursing. I can understand the need for the different levels. Too bad they wouldn't come out with a different model for the education of nurses (every one goes through the 2 year program first, then have to get nominated to continue to earn the next level of education based on their work performance, marks, etc. that would include the interview process they used to have. Everyone would start from the same place and those that continue on have proved themselves worthy of the title that comes with the extra work. Just my way of thinking)
  10. I would wait if I had the option. As much as you and your husband have baby fever, going to school with out having that extra drain on you physically/emotionally/financially, the better. You'll be able to devote yourself to your studies to achieve the goal.
  11. Smith.C74

    Post emergency C-Section information needed

    As a person who is Rh-, I paid special attention to the Rho Gam shots when I had my kids. The baby's blood was tested before I was given the second shot. No sense getting a shot that wasn't necessary! Like others have said, it is likely all in your textbooks.
  12. Smith.C74

    Instructor won't keep hands to self

    I can understand the need for personal space. I can be the same way. The instructor's claim that it was therapeutic touch seems like it's a way to justify the touching to themself. I can understand that as nurses, we'll have to have our hands in all sorts of locations on people's bodies that aren't ususally visible. There is a vast difference between being professional (doing what's needed to get the job/proceedure done) to what could be viewed as a personal fettish. If there's the possibility of having the same instructor again, I'd be inclined to tread carefully. Like others have said, instructors have the power/ability to make lives miserable. I'd keep a record of what happens as it happens to be able to tell your side of the story. I hope that something positive comes of the hearing you have. At the very least, the instructor needs to know that 'hands off' means exatly that, hands off.
  13. Smith.C74

    RPNs that remain RPNs?

    I can certainly understand where you're coming from. I've spend the last 2 years trying to get into a Practical Nursing program. My plan is to get through the next 2 years of school. I have kids that are school age as well as a preschooler. Depending on how well I like the different locations after I'm done school will determine if I try and get into a bridging program from RPN to BScN. It wouldn't necessarily be the money when I'm done the bridging, but the mobility within the medical field. I'd love to work in L&D but don't think that I can do that as an RPN (although would consider taking the courses to become a doula). When I finish, I'll have kids that are going to be leaving home to go to school themselves. I intend to use the next couple of years to help me decide if I want to continue on to the RN programs as I'll be 36 this fall.
  14. Smith.C74

    Nurse Vs Daughter! Help Me!!!

    I think that you should try and reconnect with you father. If there's a way to do it without having to deal with his current wife, then do it. If he is really ill and you don't at least go see him, there could always be a 'what if...' in the back of your mind. My mother passed away in 2005. She hadn't seen me since 1989. I had heard that she wasn't doing well so I bit the bullet and took my kids to see her. I didn't feel like having it hang over my head that she didn't get to see them. It was only a brief interaction when she was in the hospital but she did get to see them. After I had seen her I knew that she had at most 6 months to live. She passed away a week and a half later. I needed some kind of closure to the relationship and I don't regret going to see her. I do understand where you're coming from. It may be one of the hardest decisions you'll have to make. If the issues were with his wife, then it would be best to avoid her altogether.
  15. Smith.C74


    All I felt was a slight vibration of my desk. It felt like there was a heavy truck driving by. Of course, Ottawa is a good 8-9 hours away. My kids say that they didn't feel a thing at school.
  16. Smith.C74

    I hated cat dissection!!! Will I hate nursing?!

    While I'm looing forward to starting school this fall, I'm hoping that the disecting is kept to a minimum. The only disecting I've done was in high school physics with a cow's eye. The baby pigs that we were supposed to disect in my biology class got lost!

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