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  1. Smith.C74

    Issue with nursing classmate

    wow. I don't mind helping people if they're showing the initiative to help themselves, but that's way overboard from the classmate. I agree. A simple statement along the lines of not finding the study group to be effective for you at this time seems suitable.
  2. Smith.C74


    Congratulations! Give your self a huge pat on the back. You deserve it.
  3. Smith.C74

    September 2011 rpn student-need advice !

    Get organized. In picked up a calendar that had blank pages from Staples that was supposed to be used as a desk pad. I put all of the dates for tests, assignments, clinicals, everything on it and put it where I'd see it all of the time. It was only about $5.00 or so. A great investment. It let me see when assignments were due, which tests were when etc. Congratulations on getting accepted!
  4. Smith.C74

    gaining weight in nursing school

    I don't knkow if any of my class mates have gained any weight, but I've lost weight. Between not having the time to eat like I used to and running my tush off at clinicals, the weight has come off. I intend to keep it off. I'm not a big eater and have been making a point to eat healthier.
  5. Smith.C74

    You know you are a Nursing student when...

    I needed stress relief last semseter and wrote up a few of these. Some of them were: you wash your cutlery at home in an autoclave. your 5 year old can name all of the bones in the body you label all of the bones on the skeletons in the Hallowe'en displays at Walmart. your flower pots are old bedpans your answers are usually "Yes Doctor." or "No doctor." the conversation at most meals involves blood and gore to some degree. There was a whole page filled.
  6. Smith.C74

    care plan goals

    The advice we were given for writing goals is that they need to be "patient will" and to use the SMART acronym: Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic and Timely. Keeping these 2 things in mind usually help. Good luck with your care plan.
  7. Smith.C74

    is oxygen considered a medication?.. what do you think?

    I've been taught that a dr's order is needed to administer osygen. If the patient's stats are low, we can give it then call the dr. for the order. It would be a sad thing to have a patient deteriorate because of not being able to get a hold of the dr. for the necessary treatment.
  8. Smith.C74


    I don't know of a program that will help pay for the course, but Centennial College has paired up with Ryerson University and is trying to offer a hybrid program. Certainly contact them and see what they have to say.
  9. Smith.C74

    How can I maintain cardiac output?

    Sometimes it's helpful to solve a problem by working backwards. What causes the condition you're trying to prevent?
  10. Smith.C74

    Med-surg help

    I agree with the comment about studying smarter (or more effectively). I don't know about all colleges, but if there's a learning strategist available, use it. Find out what your learning style is and go from there. “We Learn . . . 10% of what we read 20% of what we hear 30% of what we see 50% of what we see and hear 70% of what we discuss 80% of what we experience 95% of what we teach others.” One of my teachers says that some of the students go home and teach their family what they covered in class. For me, I find that going to class, paying attention, making good notes during class, making notes as I go over the reading material and rewriting the notes for the tests is enough repetition to get good marks. Find out what resources are available at your school and use them. They're there for a reason. Don't let them go to waste.
  11. Smith.C74

    Hoping to get some good advice on here

    There are some colleges that offer Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) upgrading. Another option would be to get into a pre-health sciences program that focuses on preparing you for the BScN program. Check your local community college and see what they offer.
  12. Smith.C74

    Lots of FREE medical, etc. books on Kindle today!!

    The unfortunate part is that they don't work outside of the States.
  13. Smith.C74

    What will YOU do with your first "real" paycheck!?

    We've gotten used to living on next to no money, so I want to keep a similar budget until I've accomplished some of the goals on my list. I want to be debt free. Once I'm debt free, I'm going to start saving for a down payment on a house. The kids will get some things, but the goal of our own house is a big one. Once we have the house, then it's for stuff in the house - boring and mundane to some, but for us, brand new furniture/apliances/etc.
  14. Wednesday must have been the day for orientations! I don't recall my instructors saying that I had to spend 2 hours studying for every hour of class, but I guess doing homework/review until it's done is a good practice. Good luck with your studies.
  15. Smith.C74

    HELP!! My husband is killing my study schedule...

    There is a lot of extremely helpful information in this thread. I've already been stressing to my kids how much time I'll need to devote to school. the house will be a huge issue with me. although, it shouldn't bee too bad if we're not there much. I fully intend on using my crock pots as much as I can. Another wish I have is to have a second dryer for laundry..... with 5 people in my house, there tends to be a lot of laundry. It's something that I have to find out about.