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  1. HazelRN

    Asian Eye Institute

    Congratulations! Are you going to start working there soon? Good luck. :)
  2. HazelRN

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    Thanks a lot! Yeah, I guess it wouldn't hurt if I try my luck there. I'll try to submit my requirements there next week. Are you talking your exam on the 30th? Good luck!
  3. HazelRN

    requirements for Capitol Medical Center

    do they prefer graduates from universities? did all the applicants who took the exams graduated from a university? I would like to submit my requirements in Capitol but im afraid they might reject me coz im not a graduate from a university..
  4. HazelRN

    Asian Eye Institute

    Hi DILM! :) Where did you submit your resume? Did they call you right away? How was your test and interview? Who interviewed you? Thank you. Good luck and God bless!
  5. HazelRN

    The Medical City

    Hi everyone! I signed in their log sheet last month, but until now they haven't called or texted me yet. Im still patiently waiting and hoping that they would call me. Anyone who signed last month and got called for the exam? Thank you! :)
  6. HazelRN

    AFP medical center RN residency

    Hi everyone! Im new here. Been reading all of your posts. Im just wondering if V. Luna is still accepting applicants for nurse trainee. And is it true that you don't have to pay any training fees? Im planning to go there this week but first I want to make sure if they're still open for applicants. Thank you so much!:)