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Tried NCLEX-RN x 3

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    FNP Hasn't Passed Certification Boards

    SO, I graduated in 2019 in July from the FNP program. IV'e taken the ANCC and AANP, no luck. I rate in the 50%'s I need to be in the 70s%. I'm so disappointed. I stopped pushing myself. IV'e done all the reviews: Barkley APEA Leik I want to do a live APEA review online. It's so expensive. I've tried to change my work hours to day shift. I'm trying to handle my business, to be a better person and nurse. Winter, failure, night shift, it's taking it's toll on me. I'm trying to afford all the reviews and test fees. The economy is not helping, I'm not able to save, every time I turn around; I have another expense preventing me from registering. Or the night shift doesn't align with review dates. My job requires me to pick up extra. Etc..
  2. So, I have 7 years nursing experience. I have been a CNA, LVN, RN since 2006 now, in 2012 I passed the NCLEX-RN. I have done Med Surg Tele, home health, inpatient psych, correctional nursing, and travel. Most of my jobs don't end well, due to the strain being in school full time and working full time takes. It took me 10 years to realize I was killing my nursing career by jumping around from job to job. Now I have a MSN, with a FNP certificate. All I have to do is pass the FNP national certification board (just one). I'm in looking for a job mode constantly. Last month I began a Med/Surg (GI) floor a hour away with weekend option ($38/hr). I have a nursing home job that is unreliable in hours $28.50/hr (5min drive). I put off starting an assisted living (glorified medication assistant) position to start orientation at the GI med/surg that is ($30/hr and 30 min away. Last week I had an acute dialysis nurse interview, they are going to call me in a couple of weeks. 12 hour shifts, $30-35/hr, benefits, 30 min - 1 hr drive depending on the demand. This week I go for a nursing teaching position at a renounde university. I don't know what the salary is, it's a hour away; except I think they will pay for my Doctorate. Also, if I go full time, I can get nursing educator loan forgiveness. My priorities are a mess. I went broke putting off studying for that test since last July (over 6 months). Now that I am getting back on my feet, I have too many goals. I also was accepted into a Psych NP - certification program, and have another waiting on me to pass the FNP certification exam. Med/Surg is really demanding. That is why I am calling around for dialysis, home health, nurse educator or some other role. It's like I'm constantly planning to get fired, so I'm collecting jobs. If I can just pass that certification I can have other problems! I'm building back up from being broke, fired expectantly, cut from the schedule, or let go in the past 6 months.
  3. Everyone needs to vent! I started my first ADN Program in 2004, failed out. Began the LVN Program in 2006, failed and went back. Went to the LVN-RN Program in 2010 after saving some money, finished a semester late. I'm taking the NCLEX-RN again for the 2nd time next week! I have over 46 credit hours, all the BSN and MSN pre-resquites for the local university! Keep beating yourself up and pushing yourself! You will finish!
  4. nononsense

    Failed NCLEX - study/answer tips?

    Find a way to take a review: Kaplan, Hurst, Saunders Book etc...
  5. nononsense

    Hello my name is.......and I am OBESE

    You are not alone in this issue. I'm here to offer resolutions; not to have a pitty party for the obese/overweight population. http://www.oa.org/ Our fate is in our own hands. Best of luck to you!