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  1. creoleprincess

    Pre-Nursing Nurse Camp!!!!!

    i cant believe these grown as$ women being so rude to a young student excited about getting into the nursing profession. i'd rather hear this than the sob stories on here like "i have 6 kids and 3 jobs i just know i cant go to school to be a nurse" or "ive taken this or that pre req 8 times and still have some low gpa will i get accepted to ns'" or some other problem they have that they could solve on their own but choose to ask ppl who dont know them or their situation sad just sad
  2. creoleprincess

    What is University of Lousiana at Lafayette nursing program like?

    Thanks!:) Where is Southeastern located are the admission reqs tough? I was thinking on applying other places just in case but Lafayette is only 35 minutes away from me so that's why UL would be my first choice. You being an LPN already probbably gave you a boost.
  3. creoleprincess

    What is University of Lousiana at Lafayette nursing program like?

    i did look at the website just wanted the nitty gritty info you know good, bad and the ugly lol the i know the advisor isnt going to tell me that. i am doing the prereqs now at the community college
  4. creoleprincess

    Low high school GPA and Nursing school

    im in the same situation, and i agree go to a community college first. just make sure you get an advisor to make sure your credits will transfer smoothly to the university you want to go to. a community college might help you smooth into college life easier because its smaller and more personal.
  5. creoleprincess

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    i am 19 years old and i have a 4 month old son. i will be 20 when the fall semester starts and even i kick myself in the butt for not starting nursing school sooner!so dont't be too hard on yourself, maybe this is the perfect time and you wouldnt have been ready younger who knows just do what you can now you are still young:)
  6. creoleprincess

    ULL Accelerated Program

    I am considering going to UL can you tell me what the program is like i really would appreciate it
  7. Hi, everyone. Is there anyone who has attended UL nursing program? What is the required gpa? What is the admission process? Do you have to take pre requisite courses? Does it's reputation of being hard hold true? Just need as much info on the program as possible I am hoping to get in for the spring semester.