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  1. NoblePath

    New Grad starting Oncology

    I have 6 months experience on an oncology/palliative floor and one thing that the nurses that are precepting new nurses have complained about is when they are orienting a new nurse that is afraid to take opportunities to learn something and have no initiative. One nurse even asked not to be a preceptor to one new nurse that is orienting now because of this issue. Take every opportunity you can get to learn any procedure or watch a nurse educating even if it means you have to stay late to chart or if it inconveniences you. I took every opportunity and I'm glad I did and I'm respected for that. It's unbelievable how much learning you will do in a short amount of time.
  2. NoblePath

    Confused and doubting self

    I'm 6 months out of orientation and my preceptor was explaining currently orienting a new grad who seems to be in a very similar situation that you are in. My former preceptor has complained to me about her a few times and to other nurses and told me I was the easiest nurse she ever oriented. I explained to her that maybe their personalities didn't match and she agreed. The orientee did ask for a new preceptor and it was understood that their personalities/work styles didn't match. You only get one orientation, I don't think it would hurt to ask for another preceptor.
  3. NoblePath

    Am I the only one having problems with direct loans?

    You can't consolidate with anyone but them. It's the new nationalized student loan system.
  4. This is a form of a vent, but I also want to know if anyone else is having problems with errors that direct loans is making. I was lucky enough to get a job lined up immediately after graduation, and than direct loans started asking me to pay my payments earlier based on an error that they supposedly received from a college I attended in the past, and it is happening all over again. They are blaming the school, the school is blaming the new nationalized system that started this year. I am believing that direct loans is at fault because they are telling me a totally different story everytime I call. Am I the only one having these problems? I feel like they aren't held accountable because they're a government company.
  5. NoblePath

    preceptorship in oncology?

    I did my preceptorship in oncology and work on that same unit now. We have a mix of med surg overflow, oncology patients and inpatient hospice patients. Locally, I don't know about elsewhere but here you have to have this experience for 2 years before you can work at a place that only deals with delivering chemo at an outpatient chemo facility or an inpatient cancer treatment center. Is this your eventual goal?
  6. NoblePath

    Who starts IV's at night at your workplace?

    Well I've since found out that a floor nurse has to accompany IV therapy and successfully complete 10 iv's before you can start them on your own. Also I work on an oncology floor and our pt's usually have ports or piccs but the patients that come up that are not oncology are sickle cell or iv drug users so these are people that are frequent flyers and are notorious hard sticks (we get the same sickle cell pt's over and over). It's not uncommon for these people to have an iv in the foot or a finger. So I guess the thinking is that they don't want us to attempt an iv on someone who is a notorious hard stick if you rarely ever start them. They also did some patient satisfaction survey and found that patients especially remember when their iv was started and it's an indicator or high or low satisfaction so they want as little of attempts as possible. It's still frustrating though.
  7. The hospital I work at requires that iv therapy start iv's from about 7:30a-10:30pm. After that you have to call the nursing supervisor who finds a nurse from somewhere else like ICU, etc. The average floor nurse doesn't start IV's. I wonder what other places do about this? I had to throw out some plasma on a patient who was a hard stick because it took over an hour to get a new iv site. One night it took 3 hours to get an iv started because so many nurses called in on halloween night! I think it is ridiculous that they don't have just one iv therapy nurse overnight and I'm sure they could find things for them to do in between that'd be productive.
  8. NoblePath

    How'd you get your job?

    I did a summer internship all over the hospital the summer before I graduated. I than worked as a PRN student nurse/tech on a floor that I knew hired new grads the previous year and I made sure I was professional and stayed busy over that last school year and beat out some other new grads with more experience on that floor. I was willing to work what shift I had to and the other new grads were dictating what shift they wanted to work. Flexibility was my edge.
  9. NoblePath

    Get fired or resign from new grad program

    So i'm curious, what type of setting do you work in? It sounds like it's acute care from the length of orientation, but what happened to the other people who were involved, pharmacy, the nurse who actually administered the med? It wouldn't seem fair if you lose your job and the actual nurse that gave that med walked away scott free and pharmacy.
  10. NoblePath

    Where Can I Find / Buy Port Flushing Supplies

    Oh I forgot to mention that you should tell your Doctor about these concerns and maybe they can have a nurse train you? My mom flushed my little sister's port at home but was trained by a nurse.
  11. NoblePath

    IV push concerns

    I'm a new grad also but I think that makes no sense to do a slow IV push when you stop the infusion because the med would sit between there and their vein and than when you turn the fluids back on it would be almost like a fast push because the fluids and med would go in in a few seconds. Let me tell you that anytime that little part of my brain that said uh oh something is wrong it's something we should trust. I saw one nurse with experience push a med through tubing that a piggyback had just ran through (she didn't look at compatibility) and I thought there is no way all of that would be out yet. Sure enough precipitate formed and she pulled that tubing off that patient. I also once saw a nurse hook up TPN to a peripheral site and I started to question her when the pt complained of burning. I think sometimes that when these seasoned nurses train they get distracted. Not to I know everything, I know that as a new grad I'm learning but I try to trust my instincts.
  12. NoblePath

    Where Can I Find / Buy Port Flushing Supplies

    It looks like a website called allegromedical has huber needles, saline and heparin flushes for total of $150. This includes 12 needles, 30 syringes with saline and 30 syringes with heparin. It looks like they sell to non medical vendors too. I'm not sure what they sell to clean the site. Hope this helps.
  13. NoblePath

    New Grad & New Oncology Nurse!

    I'm a new nurse who has been working oncology since May and did an internship for a year as a student nurse in oncology and I think the best parts are that the vast majority of the families really value you and appreciate you. I dropped a piece of paper the other night at work and a patient's son picked it up and handed it to me and said I want you and the techs to know that we appreciate everything and our dad is grateful. The families always send us cards, pictures and food to show appreciation. This goes a long way when you're running yourself ragged and skipping meals. The hard part is we have a lot of frequent flyers and we get to know them and their kids and family and when they pass it's tough. I've always been psychologically tough it's almost a requirement being raised in a military family but I still have to fight back tears at times. I love that the doctors aren't afraid of pain medicine. I am a major stickler on making sure they have as much pain relief as possible. Overall I love it, and you learn to appreciate every day of your life more watching these patients make tough decisions and knowing you'll try to support the patient while they make whatever decisions are necessary.
  14. NoblePath

    Does this happen to you?

    Well I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one. This has improved a bit since I've not been sleeping immediately after getting off my night shift, but then I have trouble falling and staying asleep.
  15. NoblePath

    Becoming an Army Nurse

    If you haven't started college yet than I'd recommend finding a college with an army ROTC program. That way you can get your school paid for and a monthly stipend and go in as an officer. You can't be deployed while you're in college, during the summer you'll have some training and during the school year you'll have PT (physical training). Once you graduate you'll go for officer training. I considered this option but met my husband whose career can't allow a lot of moving or it'd be destroyed. I chose to just graduate and pay for it on my own, but it is a good option if you can do it.