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  1. New RN on the verge of a breakdown.... Help!!

    I was in your shoes about 9 months I'm just about at one year in Ortho/Surg and it's a world of a difference. Some things I have learned though: 1. take your time in report Another RN on our floor made up a report sheet (optional of cours...
  2. Is ortho a good area for a new grad RN?

    I just started on an Ortho floor and absolutely love it. This would be a great fit for you to just start to feel comfortable with routines, talking w/ docs and if you'd like to see happier outcomes. I would also say that it probably depends where yo...
  3. Starting Salaries for New Nurses in Philly

    I guess I can come out and say that as far as I've heard (from fellow new grads) all Penn Entities (HUP, Presbyterian & Pennsylvania Hospital) start new grads at 27.32. I'm fairly certain I heard this from recruiters at fairs & in published m...
  4. If you haven't already decided (or for anyone else who might be interested) I'd recommend Home Properties of Bryn Mawr. It's a nice, large apartment complex with a decent amount of options. You may hear some mixed reviews because there are so many u...
  5. So, I tested yesterday (7/6) ...tried the Pearson Vue the good pop-up! Today, Pearson Vue has yet to list my results, but the PA State Board (where I applied for my license) has my license listed as active, with an RN # and as issued toda...
  6. Immunization Schedule

    sometimes it's easy to eliminate dis tractors first--like remembering the smallpox thing, or that influenza/pneumonia are seasonal & usually not for children (though older adults, flu/pneu typically go together & are recommended). It's just b...
  7. Immunization Schedule

    If it helps at all, maybe review your own Immunization Record? (I know I had to have mine for employment...and just try to remember groups, as the questions I've always had tend to be 2-3 immunizations.) I guess some important things I've noticed are...
  8. Grad Nurse Jobs in Philly Area

    Hey PhillyN, I'm not sure it's saturated, but everyone's budgets are running a little differently (at least that's what I've been told). So, it seems, hospitals will probably have smaller New Grad classes throughout the summer into fall-winter. I wo...
  9. Changed my test date to... tomorrow!

    Best of luck! Thoughts & Prayers from PA! Can I just ask what made you feel ready? I'm struggling with how much to study/when to ease up!
  10. Good Labor and Delivery Hospitals in Philly

    There are lots! As a new grad, I have NO idea about pay. However, my classmates and I have done clinical rotations at: Pennsylvania Hospital (a little plusher from what I've heard, but a great teaching/learning environment) Hospital University of P...