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I am an ICU RN fulltime and have just recentlty accepted a Hospice Director position which will start as soon as a replacement is found for me in ICU. I have been married 20 years (so far) and have 3 children of which only one is at home.

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  1. Hospice Orientation Check List

    I am looking for a orinetation check list for a hospice RN. This position would be responcible for day to day care as well as on-call. And would be a direct report to an RN supervisor. If anyone has one they would not mind sharing, I would be intere...
  2. Family wants to transport body.

    There are many reasons why a family may want to transport the body themselves. My oldest sister passed unexpectedly of a Berry Aneurysm. She was 43. She was in a very disfunctional relationship. She had no money nor life insurance. Her husband would...
  3. COP's

    the way i understand the new cop's relating to snf/nf or icf/mr is that the hospice will provide medical direction and management of the patient. you will utilize the facilities staff in a manner that you would utilize a family member. it is the resp...
  4. Disposing of medications at time of death

    our preferred method of disposing of medication, after counting such medication with a family member or nurse, is using cat litter. if its a liquid medication, just pour it into the cat litter. mix it up and dispose in the trash. if it is tablet form...
  5. Hospice On Call Compensation Structure

    I have always been told that our call policy is very generous. I have never really researched it much, I just felt it was average. I take call about 10 days per month, including every third weekend. We are paid $15 per day (8am -8am) Monday thru Thur...
  6. Hospital Based Palliative Care Programs

    Is there anyone that has had any experience with creating or implementing a hospital based palliative care program? I am specifically looking for information regarding smaller rural ares and critical access hospitals. If no information regarding crit...
  7. Satisfaction Surveys

    Hey All.... I have just designed a Bereavement Survey that will be given out to families and/or caregivers 3 months after the passing of their loved one to explore overall satisfaction with our hospice to see if we are meeting their needs. We were a...
  8. Need New Ideas, CHARTING

    all our notes are transmitted to our coverage facilities. they will get them the day they are transcribed or the following day if there are corrections to be made. and at times they will still get them the same day. what program do you use for your c...
  9. Need New Ideas, CHARTING

    hello all, and good day at this time my nurses do their charting by dictating into a dictaphone and a transcriptionist types it. this can be, at times a costly way of charting if the transcriptionist has to type the dictation several times after bei...
  10. Do Hospice Nurses Want Shadows?

    Mar-Lynn... Yes Hospice's do have shadowing programs. Ours is connected with the local Nursing School. The nursing students follow our nurses on visits twice weekly as a part of their clinical experience.
  11. Comfort kits

    We do not currently have "comfort pacs", but we want them. What are your protocols? Our pharmacies are willing to make them up for us and want to know about CII accountability and monitoring? If drugs are not used prior to patient expiring or dismiss...
  12. Any Lpn's Working In Er??

    Dan, I started out as an LPN in the ER after I worked Med/Surg for 2 years. Yes, I am in Kansas. Rural Kansas. Anyway I was required to take ACLS and was the first LPN to take ACLS in our facility. I did everything... Draw blood, ABGs you name it and...
  13. New Director, Need Advise

    I am very new to Hospice Nursing although I've been a nurse for 16 years. I've mainly worked in ICu. Here is my delima. The previous director was dismissed under some controversy. I dont know the whole story, although I asked at the interview and was...
  14. New Grad can't find job

    If you don't mind relocating and living in the middle of nowhere Kansas... Come to North Central Kansas. We gladly will take new grads. And we dont eat our young...LOL. We are always in need of help after the temporary help goes back to school.
  15. picc certification

    I took my PICC line insertion certification in 9/00. The Clinical Education Manual was sponsored by a pharmaceutical company called BD Medical. This was in Kansas so Im mot sure if this will help or not. Here is a phone # and address. 1-800-227-2918 ...